Conflict drives farmers from their land, disrupts economic activities, and prevents people from access to markets. It threatens food security by harming domestic agricultural production, damaging food markets, and hindering people’s access to income. In Iraq, the recent war against DAESH has resulted in massive food insecurity, and profoundly affected the country's food system. This report describes current food insecurity in multiple post-DAESH towns in Iraq through the lens of economic recovery. It shows that food security and economic recovery are mutually essential in Iraq, and that together they form the backbone of long-term post-conflict stability.
This research project was led by Sarah Mathieu-Comtois, former Deputy Director for Programs and Outreach at IRIS, with the support of a local research team composed of Mostafa Ahmad Hassan, Ibrahim Al-Hilo, Muthanna Ibrahim Nijris, and Sifok Yousif. It was funded by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.
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