Governance and Democracy

The future of Iraq and the region will be determined by the quality of governance. Poor governance is likely to deepen societal divisions, weaken institutions, spur outward migration and enable the growth of violent extremist movements. To repair trust between citizens and government, and re-establish the authority of state institutions, the government must address deficiencies in security and service provision; exclusion from governance; access to justice; and platforms for conflict resolution. At IRIS, we emphasise a positive agenda that focuses on the country’s vast potential. We offer comprehensive policy solutions that suggest how the international community can work in partnership with Iraqi communities. We focus on the following areas:
  • On-the-ground political economy analysis
  • Strengthening government institutions to achieve stability and reach development outcomes
  • Rule of law and post-conflict justice
  • Management of humanitarian and development aid

Recent projects under the Governance and Democracy portfolio include the following:

    • Conflict Research Program (2017-2021): This project is led by the London School of Economics and Political Science and funded by DFID. IRIS will conduct at least one research project a year for three years on disputed territories, Iraqi Kurdistan, and displacement and migration in Iraq.
    Recent publications include:

    Recent events include: