This reportthe first in a three-part series dedicated to pre- and post-election developments and government formationevaluates the trends in electoral mobilization strategies and similarities between and digressions from those of previous elections. The report concludes that while many candidates reflected those of previous elections, growing disaffection with political elites and rise of a protest movement prompted a shift from traditional ethno-sectarian narratives and identity politics to issue-based campaigns utilizing language that emphasized anti-corruption, service provision, and economic recovery. The report notes that despite subtle shifts, the disillusionment of the Iraqi populace, paired with entrenched corruption, would lead to boycotts, civic disengagement, and little public trust that even new opposition parties could change the status quo.

Click here or on the image below to access the report, and here to read the part two, "The 2018 Iraqi Federal Elections: A Population in Transition?"