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Tuition and Fees

AUIS is a private, not-for-profit university operated for the public benefit of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.  To help talented students attend, the University subsidizes their education. On average more than 40% of the cost of an AUIS student’s education is paid for by outside sponsors, gifts and grants.

In general, the higher a student’s score on the KRG/Iraq Baccalaureate exam, the lower the tuition rate paid by the student. Students scoring 74 and below on the Baccalaureate exam pay the full (unsubsidized) tuition rate of $8,000 per year (two semesters). 

The University offers additional scholarships and sponsorships to help students pay for their education at AUIS.  Because selection criteria and availability of scholarships may vary by year, please regularly check the AUIS website for updates.

The highest-scoring top two percent (2%) students will receive a full AUIS Academic Excellence Scholarship, and will not be required to pay any tuition.



2020-2021 Tuition Rates (per semester) 

Undergraduate Program
Baccalaureate Score

Tuition Rate (USD)

University Discount/Subsidy (%)

Invoiced Tuition (USD)
90 and above $4,000 50% $2,000
75 - 89 $4,000 25% $3,000
74 and below $4,000 0% $4,000
International Students $5,000 0% $5,000

* Fractions will not be rounded up, for example a student with a score of 89.99 will pay a semester tuition of $3,000.

* Tuition is for one academic semester.  

Additional Discount/Subsidy to the Academic Preparatory Program (APP)
Baccalaureate Score Subsidized Tuition Rate (USD)

Additional University Discount/Subsidy (%)

Invoiced Tuition (USD)
90 and above $2,000 28% $1,450
75 - 89 $3,000 25% $2,250
74 and below $4,000 26% $2,950
Tuition per course $1,375
(17 courses and textbooks)


  • Newly enrolled students, including recipients of scholarship and/or sponsorship, will be asked for a tuition deposit of $500.
  • The Admissions tuition deposit is non-refundable. Exceptions to this might be granted to some scholarship cases, which must be determined in the enrollment agreement.
  • Deposits for keys, lockers and other university property.

Summer Courses

Annual tuition does not include:

Mandatory Fees

In addition to tuition, APP students are required to pay about $50 per term for textbooks:

  • This fee is processed by the AUIS Bookstore
  • If not paid, APP will withhold midterm and final grades and prevent online registration

AUIS reserves the right to introduce additional mandatory fees not originally listed in enrollment agreement.


The Fees at AUIS include the following:

  • Dorm/housing fees (only for students eligible for dorm room)

​The cost of living in an AUIS dorm per semester for undergraduate students is as follows:

  1. Economy: $600
  2. Standard: $720
  3. Private: $1,200

APP dorm fees per semester for APP students are as follows:

Published for students Cost Per 10-Week Term Cost Per Year
Economy $490 $1,960
Standard $590 $2,360
Private $1,000 $4,000

Click here to learn more about the above dorm types.

* Above fees cover staying in the dorms for one semester; any breaks, holidays and weekends will not be deducted from the cost.

* A deposit for dorm room keys, and other AUIS properties in the dorm rooms will be requested from the student during registration for housing.

  • Administration fee: $50 per term
  • Undergraduate textbook fees (total amount varies depending on schedule)
  • Minor service fees (printing fees, parking fees)

AUIS reserves the right to introduce additional fees not originally listed in enrollment agreement.

International High School Students in Iraq

AUIS accepts high school certificates according to the regulations and requirements set by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). In order to enroll at AUIS, students who graduate from international schools inside Iraq are required to first equalize their high school certificate at the KRG Directorate of Exams (Azmoonakan office) in Erbil. 

There are two (2) types of international high schools in Iraq:

American-style international high schools

Students from American-style high schools (high schools that calculate student grades by Grade Point Average - GPA) must submit SAT scores. The KRG Directorate of Exams will combine the student’s GPA, SAT score(s), and other documents to create an Iraqi high school certificate equivalency.


The AUIS tuition fee scale is based on a student applicant’s Baccalaureate score, however, according to new instructions issued by the Ministry, SAT scores will no longer be converted into percentages and students can be enrolled into universities according to these scores. 

Since SAT scores are no longer converted into percentages, the tuition fees for students who attended American-style high schools inside Iraq will be based on the SAT 1 test result, as explained in the tables below: 

Two-Part (2) SAT I
SAT Score
Tuition Rate
Per Semester
Invoiced Tuition
Per Semester
1200 and above $4,000 50% $2,000
1000 - 1199 $4,000 25% $3,000
below 1000 $4,000 No discount $4,000

Three-Part (3) SAT I
SAT Score
Tuition Rate 
Per Semester
Invoiced Tuition
Per Semester
1800 and above $4,000 50% $2,000
1500 - 1799 $4,000 25% $3,000
below 1500 $4,000 No discount $4,000


British-style international high schools  

Students from British-style international high schools inside Iraq must complete 13 years of study in the Cambridge curriculum. Score types consist of:

A Level is the highest form among the score types and students who do not have A Level scores will not have their certificates equalized by the Directorate of Exams.


Students who complete A Level exams will have their scores equalized and converted to a Baccalaureate result equivalent. Therefore, the tuition fees will be billed according to the equivalency score as noted in the table below:

Undergraduate Program

Baccalaureate Score

Tuition Rate 
Per Semester
Discount Invoiced Tuition Per Semester (USD)
90 and above $4,000 50% $2,000
75 - 89 $4,000 25% $3,000
74 and below $4,000 No discount $4,000