Treefa M. Abdullah, Adjunct Professor | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

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Treefa M. Abdullah, Adjunct Professor


Ph.D. University of Exeter 
M.Phil. University of Exeter 

E-mail: treefa.mohamed [at]

Dr. Treefa did a Master’s in Medical Microbiology and MPhil/Ph.D. in Immuno-oncology at Exeter university /Medical School. She conducted Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at Exeter University (LTHE 1 and LTHE2). Obtaining a PhD degree at Exeter University. During this period, She has been assisting the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students within the research group and therefore gaining further experience in teaching. At Exeter University, she had been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students lab projects and lab demonstrations. Demonstration for biomedical science and dealing with students. Her doctoral studies were about immunogenic cell death.
• To perform established procedures in the lab and develop newer approaches to answer a research query.
• To produce novel project ideas for undergraduate and postgraduate students and write research proposals and grant applications.
• To attend conferences and present work via oral/poster presentation.
• To write research articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
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