Transfer Students | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Transfer Students

New and current students may apply for external credits to be transferred to their AUIS records. AUIS will not consider transfer credit unless an external institution has already formally issued credits.

Credits submitted for transfer will be evaluated based on the following guidelines:

  • AUIS accepts pre-collegiate, advanced standing such as AP, IB and A-Levels as equivalent to introductory level undergraduate transfer credits. Please see the 2015-2016 advanced standing charts for specifics.
  • At the collegiate level AUIS accepts transfer credits from properly accredited institutions with convertible credit systems that have coursework exclusively in English. A final grade of “C’ (73% minimum) or higher must be attained in each individual course. A student may not transfer more than 60 credits (equivalent to four full-term terms) to AUIS.
  • Upon request for collegiate transfer credits, AUIS Registration Office evaluates accreditation, credit system, language of instruction and grade. Relevant Department Chairs will evaluate level, scope and academic content of courses for approval of transferability and course equivalency.
  • New students should apply for advanced standing or transfer credits through the Admissions Office by submitting an Advanced Standing Transfer Credit Form prior to enrollment.
  • Current students wishing to obtain credit from a study abroad, winter or summer program should complete the “Pre-Approval Form” before registration with external program. Credits will not be processed until completed.
  • All collegiate transfer credits must be finally approved by Department Chair(s) and Registration Office via the Credit Transfer Approval Form.

Advanced Standing Procedure

Applicants to AUIS may request advanced standing credit for certain Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or A-Level courses.

To receive advanced standing credits, new applicants should:

  1. Review table of acceptable AP, IB and A-Level coursework
  2. Send PDF of official score report along with online application form and other official documents
  3. Allow 1-5 business days for approval
  4. Co-sign the Advanced Standing Approval Form during enrollment session

Collegiate Level Work Procedure
Applicants to AUIS may request the transfer of collegiate work completed at international universities with appropriate accreditation, credit-systems (US, ECTS or CATS), language of instruction (English) and academic content (as determined by AUIS Department Chairs). To apply for transfer credit, applicant should:
  1. Review full 2014-2015 Transfer Credit Policy
  2. Send PDF of university transcript along with other official documents and online application form
  3. Complete the student section of the "Approved Credit Transfer Form"
  4. Allow 1-2 work weeks to process with Department Chair
  5. Await final email with results of Approved Credit Transfer Credit Form 

Collegiate work within Iraq Procedure

AUIS does not accept public university credit from within Iraq. As of 2014, the credit system, language of instruction and curriculum is not sufficiently similar to justify transfer of credits.

AUIS only accepts private/independent transfer credit within Iraq from the University of Kurdistan, Hawler (UKH).

Limitations of Collegiate Transfer Credits

AUIS will not consider the following for potential transfer credits:

  1. Internships, occupational or vocational work
  2. Remedial / preparatory / pre-collegiate work (ESL work, for instance)
  3. Credits already applied to a previously-obtained degree
  4. Course completed more than 5 years prior to enrollment at AUIS (credit obtained before 2009)
  5. Coursework graded as “Pass/Fail” (see below for further details on grades)
  6. Coursework completed solely online (coursework must be at least partially residential)

Please refer to the AUIS Credit Transfer Policy to review the complete policy.