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Nali's Day

An event to celebrate the life and works of the acclaimed Kurdish poet, Nali! The event has been organized by staff members of DidiMn (literary website) that includes students from AUIS, University of Sulaimani, and Salahaddin University.  2:00 pm: Introduction Welcome  Nali's poem on Sulaimani by Rzgar Amin An introduction by DidiMn staff members 2:20 pm: Panel Discussion on Nali's Works Moderator: Bushra Kasnazani Bushra Kasnazani was born in Sulaimani in 1986. She has a master's degree in storytelling, and is a professor in the Kurdish Department at the University of Sulaimani. She has a book on Kurdish poster poems and Japanese haiku. Her analysis on comparative literature was published in 2008. Plot in Kurdish Stories (1995-2005) was published in 2012 by Slemani Publishing House. Some of her research on literature was published in 2012 by Sardam Publishing House.  Panelists:  Rebwar Siwaili is a Kurdish writer who studied Philosophy at Goskila University in Denmark and lived there until 2000, after which he returned back to Kurdistan. He became an instructor in the Philosophy department at Salahadin University. He opened the Literature department at Salahadin University and is currently teaching at the department. He has published books on poetry, critics, and philosophy. He has also done many works of translations. One of his major works is “Nali’s Book”, which is a critique of Nali’s poems. Dr. Dilshad Ali is a professor of literary criticism in the Kurdish Department, School of Language at the University of Sulaimani. He was born in 1952 in Slemani. In 1976 he finished his baccalaureate in Kurdish literature. In 1988 he received a Master of Literary Criticism in Salahadin University. In 1996 he also got his doctorate from Salahadin University and his paper was about “Dilan and poetic experience.” In 1992 he became the head of Kurdish department in Slemani University. From 1993 to1996 he was the dean of the same department in Slemani University. Between 2000 and 2013 he was in charge of higher education section. He is currently teaching practical criticism and also supervises Master and PHD students, in Slemani, Garmyan, Raparin, and Charmwsh universities. From 1976 until now, he has published many essays and researches in literature. In 1978 he became a member of the Kurdish Writer’s Union, and between 2002 and 2009 he head the Union's Sulaimani branch.  Q&A with audience.  3:30 pm: Tea and coffee break (by Chalaak's Place) 3:45 pm: Poetry reading in Kurdish and English by Shalaw Habiba Shalaw Habiba is a Kurdish poet, story writer, journalist and translator. He was born in Slemani. He received many awards for his poetry, and was awarded the best short story writer in Galawezh Festival in 2011, for his story, “The New Coffins.” Shalaw Habiba published his first book, “Someone Passed By” in 2010, and five years later he published the collection of his poems under the title “Music’s Forgotten Me.” Shalaw Habiba won the award , The Young Man of the Year, in 2012 for his poems in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 4:30 pm: A musical performance of Nali's selected poems by the AUIS Oriental Music Club Please note that the event will be conducted mostly in Kurdish language. Entry to the event is by invitation only. 

Club Orientation Day

  September 22, 2016 - Students gathered in the cafeteria to find out more about the different clubs at AUIS, and what they had to offer. The event was organized by the Student Services Office, and several AUIS clubs had stalls on display explaining their activities to interested students. AUIS clubs offer a wide range of activities to choose from, like music, acting, volunteering, environemntal campaigns, and reporting for the student newspaper. Click here to find out more about AUIS student clubs.   

Student Volunteers Help Organize Refugee Talent Show

  On June 20, 2016, the Arbat Refugee Camp near Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region of Iraq came alive with lights, sounds and music as refugees took part in an entertaining talent show organized by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Iraq. The “Refugees Got Talent” contest was hosted to mark the World Refugee Day and showcased diverse talents and skills of young refugees in Sulaimani. An energetic and dedicated team of more than 20 students of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) volunteered with UNHCR to help organize the event. “I think it’s an amazing event,” said AUIS student Shanyan Hassan, volunteering as organizer on the day of the event. “Nothing can make you feel better about yourself than making children happy. And here in this camp, we encourage the children to showcase their talent. It reminds them that they have talents just like other people all over the world.” The AUIS students responded to volunteer request by UNHCR, facilitated by the Student Services Office. During the month before the talent show, the students attended numerous UNHCR meetings and helped out with logistics and organization of the rehearsals and the final show. Zhino Luqman, another AUIS student thought that working with others at the camp was an excellent learning opportunity for teamwork. “This is the first time that I have taken part in such an event. It’s a really good opportunity for the refugees, and it has brought so much happiness to the participants,” he said. Majid Ali Esmail, refugee and trainer of a dancing troupe at the talent show from Qamishli, echoed Luqman’s thoughts, “Despite all the difficulties we face in the camp, we still have hope in the future. That’s why I have put so much time and energy into training this young group from the camp.” Fatima Saed, a member of the same dance troupe, said, “Our goal is to make the camp people happy, remind them of our Syrian traditions that will stay with us forever no matter where we are.” Marco Rotunno, one of the main organizers of the event from UNHCR, appreciated the hard work put in by the AUIS volunteers’ team. “June 20 is the national refugees’ day. We are here to celebrate with them their day,” he said, talking to AUIS communications volunteer, Wud Salam, who accompanied the event volunteers on the final show. “AUIS students helped us a lot in organizing this event. They were great. They were with us from the beginning until this day. Each one had a different role and they helped us in different levels. They helped us in organizing the event, registration, administration process, editing, count control, and many other jobs,” he said.   Well done to all the students who contributed to the talent show in keeping with the strong AUIS tradition of community engagement and volunteering initiatives. Interviews and photographs by Wud Salam, AUIS communications student volunteer.

APP Students Engage Actively in Service Learning Projects

We are Level 2 students of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani’s Academic Preparatory Program (APP). We are currently planning and working with our peers on our new service learning projects. Three of our classes have voted to help children of the refugee and internally displaced (IDP) community and three classes have voted to work on environmental action projects with Waterkeepers Iraq. Both sets of classes have formed working groups to raise awareness and collect international donations through websites which we have developed ourselves. The three classes who have voted to work with children have set as our mission is to bring hope and happiness to the children who have suffered the effects from the ongoing political crisis, violence, and sectarian divide. They are also vulnerable to sexual abuse, health problems, early marriage, and to work in poorly-paid labouring jobs. Our overall goal is to raise USD 2000 to provide materials for children at nearby refugee camps. Our first goal of raising funds for 50 soccer balls has been accomplished. We chose that goal so that children have some activities during the summer holiday when schools will be closed. We have also just completed our second goal, which was to raise funds for educational materials for teachers and students at the local camps. For the remaining two weeks of our semester, we will continue to raise funds and then deliver these materials to the camps. We also want to raise awareness in our society to let people know what is happening to these children. Please act now, and help us bring a smile to the children’s faces once again. For more information on helping the cause and updates on our stories, please follow us on social media.  AUIS Helping Refugees (AHR) Facebook Blog Crowdfunding - donate online to our cause  AUIS Environment Keepers Facebook    -- Mohammed Khidr, APP student 

IT Students Display Creative Projects

  On November 18, 2015, the Department of Information Technology (IT) hosted an “IT Day” to showcase the fun and interesting side of the IT world to the AUIS community. Several students displayed creative projects ranging from online shopping portals to games and ultrasonic sensors. “This is an event that we do every semester and the goal is to introduce IT to students, especially first semester and APP students. It is a way to show them what Information Technology is about and what our senior students can do,” said Dr. Atheer Matroud, chair of the IT department. Dr. Matroud further explained that the diverse and interesting projects on display by the IT students were either part of their current courses like robotics or interactive media, or their final year Capstone projects. “This is an important way to introduce IT to young students. Some of them do not know what IT is and what they can do after studying the subject,” he added. Mahmoud, a 7th semester IT student developed a project around artificial intelligence, and based it on J.A.R.V.I.S - the fictional character from Iron Man. Guests could put on headphones and have a witty discussion with J.A.R.V.I.S. Mahmud used an open-source online software to create the project. Berzy Bahzad, an IT senior, created a paper lantern in the shape of a heart cloud. The project used an LED strip which lit up with the pulse of the persons connected to the display. A group of four students used ultrasonic sensors on a remote controlled car to sound an alarm if it approached anything in its way. The project was part of their robotics class.  Pshtiwan Kamal, another senior, is currently working on creating an online shopping portal which will allow customers to purchase products using a secure in-built charging/credit card system without having to use their own personal credit cards. Maazan and Dashty, both IT majors, created an interesting computer game based on Javascript. Another senior, Karzan Fadhil, hopes that his application can help make the booking system easier for AUIS learning centers. He has created an online system for the new AUIS IT tutoring system, where students can book time and dates for the course of their choice online. The Capstone project by Eenas can help local hospitals and clinics replace their paper records with a simple computerized system. Doctors and staff will be able to login and share information on a system that does not require internet to record patient details, medical history and prescriptions all in one place. Other students displayed more games, online search engines as well as home automation devices such as personalized security systems and device controlled lamps and lighting in the house. The  event was organized and led by students with support from their teacher, Mr. Alan Amin, lecturer in the IT department. 


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