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Is Development Finance the Answer to Kurdistan's Economic Crisis?

The international community and every single government in the world endeavors to eradicate poverty and build sustainable development to enhance their economy. Many countries introduce development finance as a method to help develop their economic status. Development finance is a huge sector that enables movement of loans and grants to help public and private sector management, which consequently leads to higher standard of living, employment, and economic growth. Development finance institutions usually target the poor in areas of the world where there is ongoing conflict and poverty. They provide medium and long-term loans, mortgages, and grants to develop industry, agriculture, manufacturing and other key sectors.  The projects that are qualified to be funded are usually profitable, viable, sustainable, and capable of generating employment and economic growth. Development finance is about promoting an integrated approach to provide funds and capital to support and sustain projects. It funds sectors like manufacturing, industry, and agriculture to maximize the use of innovative technology. It also builds a bridge between trade and investment to raise employment and propel the economy. Developing countries have, in recent years, increasingly taken advantage of this financial system to boost their growth. The backbone and driving force for any project is money. Funds are used for the purchasing of local and foreign resources such as equipment, factory expansion, and establishing and investing in creating a professional and skilled workforce to drive the projects.  Development finance works through loans, equity and guarantees. Loans are usually provided by investment banks, which are a driving force for this process of funding projects that are capable of generating profits and sustaining themselves by supporting them with direct or indirect loans in addition to joint ventures. Also, there are state-owned organizations such as WB and non-profit organizations such as IMMDF which fund projects. These organizations need effective business plans to ensure maximum profit from the projects they are funding. Development finance activities are costly, and if there are not guarantee of greater returns, the projects will not be funded. Also, there are some activities that, as a result of social norms, cannot be funded and are restricted due to the potential harm or its unviability to the society. Consequently, projects should not be spoon-fed to their final stage and financing organizations should better teach the projects how to sustain and propel forward rather than finance it down to the last penny. One way that development finance can help Kurdistan is through applying it on agriculture. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is an oil based country which largely depends on the oil and gas sectors for revenue. With the help of development finance, agriculture can become a driving force for the economic bloodstream of the country and provide a huge return of finance for the country. Article by Ansar Omer, a writer for the university newspaper The Voice. This piece was originally published in the latest issue of the newspaper.

AUIS student attends World Youth Conference in India

The World Youth Conference 2016 took place from 12th November – 14th November 2016 in New Delhi, India. The event was hosted by the Republic of India under the aegis of the International Youth Committee (IYC) in collaboration with various public and private sectors. This year’s WYC theme was ‘Youth for Sustainable Development’. WYC 2016 will facilitate a process that strengthens effective youth participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of various global issues of the world which refers to the process of defining the future global development framework that would succeed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) of the United Nation. It brought young delegates from all over the world to exchange views, share experiences on different issues, detect common preoccupations and to develop realistic action plans to rebuild communities that meet the needs and aspirations of young people. The event allowed people to voice their ideas and concerns and make suggestions directly. I was the only delegate and speaker from Kurdistan and Iraq. I had an opportunity to give a speech about the role of Kurds and the Peshmerga for encountering terror and having peace and justice. Also, I was awarded as an International Speaker for having an effective speech. For World Youth Conference 2017, which will be held in Belize on the eastern coast in Central America, I am chosen as a leader and ambassador of International Youth Committee (IYC) in Iraq and Kurdistan in order to choose and arrange a group of youth to participate in this conference. Despite facing some challenges during the program, it was an experience of a lifetime for me because I met hundreds of delegates from across the world. We shared our different ideas, beliefs, perspectives, and opinions regarding the recent issues in the world. I was surprised when I heard some things from the delegates because the way their countries were reflected in the media was different from the reality. I also got to know scholars from different countries, and I invited most of them to visit Kurdistan. They promised to come to Kurdistan if we held any international conference. By attending other presentations, I learned from others and improved my own skills and knowledge about my field. Therefore, The benefits are definitely bigger than the costs for participating at international conferences. The conference had great outcomes for me. I was honored to participate as a Kurd. And I am now responsible to arrange a group of Kurdish youth to participate in the World Youth Conference 2017 in Central America. I am also working with the board of the IYC organization and conference in order to hold the World Youth Conference in Kurdistan in the future. I have a plan to hold international conferences in Kurdistan as much as I can because our youth can benefit greatly from these diverse perspectives.           Watch his interview with Kurdistan24 below. 

Education is Free, and Everyone Has The Right to Learn

  Student blog by Hazhy Rozh and Dastan Sabah. Meet AUIS students Hazhy and Dastan, who took the initiative of creating a free online Kurdish educational website for senior high school students. Currently, the web portal provides free lessons in Mathematics. The website has also been approved by the KRG Ministry of Education, and they hope to add more educational content soon. Read their blog about their initiative.  What is Adiabene Academy? Before we answer this question, we think back to the time when we were two students who thought they were not strong and skilled enough to follow their dreams. But, Adiabene Academy is one of the dreams that came true! Coming to The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS), we realized the difference between the education we got during our high school time and college life. The American style of education opened our minds, forced us to think critically, and pushed us to think outside the box. Our educational experience before college was memorizing whatever we had. Our main concern was to get high grades in our final, 12th grade. Although this system created some brilliant and hard working people, the majority of students were more concerned with grades than with learning. After learning about other ways of thinking at AUIS, we realized that we can make others experience the same quality of education. The American style of education opened our minds, forced us to think critically, and pushed us to think outside the box.  Adiabene Academy, is a free online education that aims at giving Kurdish students the same quality of education that Hazhy and Dastan got. Instead of worrying about grades, why not understand the material, enjoy learning creatively, and on top of that, get good grades. We want students to have an online resource where they can get easy lessons and correct information. If students want to learn whenever they want, they can learn by watching our videos!   Although Adiabene Academy is still young, and we have a lot of material to cover, our goal is to teach all the subjects starting from first grade, up until the 12th grade. We want Adiabene Academy to offer free services for the sake of learning. No matter where you live, how much money you have, if you’re young or old, you can find a place to learn.   خوێند سه‌ربه‌خۆیه‌ ، و هه‌موو كه‌س مافی خوێندنی هه‌یه‌   ئه‌دیابین ئه‌كادیمی چییه‌؟ له‌ پێشان با باسی دوو قوتابی بكه‌ین كه تواناكانیان ئه‌وه‌نده‌ به‌هێز نه‌بوو كه‌ دوای خه‌ون و ئامانجه‌كانیان بكه‌ون و نه‌یان ده‌زانی چ رێگایه‌كی تایبه‌ت بۆ خۆیان به‌كار بهێنن. ئه‌دیابین ئه‌كادیمی خه‌ونێك بوو كه‌ هاته‌دی بۆ ئه‌م دوو قوتابییه‌. (هه‌ژی ڕۆژ حه‌سه‌ن) و (داستان صباح محمد) ئه‌و دوو خوێندكاره‌ن كه‌ به‌ هه‌ماهه‌نگی كاریان كردووه‌و بۆ ئه‌وه‌ی به‌ ئامانجه‌كه‌یان بگه‌ن. به‌ هاتن بۆ زانكۆی ئه‌مریكی سلێمانی عێراق، دركمان به‌ جیاوازی نێوان خوێندنی پێش كۆلێژ و دوای كۆلێژ كرد. خوێندن به‌ ستایلی ‌ئه‌مریكی مه‌ودای بیركردنه‌وه‌و تێگه‌یشتنی ئێمه‌ی فراوانتر كرد له‌ جاران، پاڵنه‌ر بوو كه‌ به‌ ڕه‌خنه‌گرانه‌ و‌ ئازادانه‌ بیربكه‌ینه‌وه.  ئه‌زموونی خوێندنی ئێمه له‌‌ پێش كۆلێژ به‌زۆرتر پێكهاتبوو له‌ ده‌رخكردنی بابه‌ته‌كان له‌ جیاتی تێگه‌یشتنیان. ئامانج زیاتر بریتی بوو له‌ به‌ده‌ست هێنانی نمره‌ی به‌رز له‌وه‌ی له‌ بابه‌ته‌كان به‌ تێرو ته‌سه‌لی بگه‌ین به‌ تایبه‌تی له‌ قۆناغی ١٢ دا هه‌رچه‌نده‌ ئه‌م سیسته‌مه‌ كۆمه‌ڵێك خوێندكاری به‌توانای دروستكرد. ده‌رئه‌نجام فێرخواز زیاتر له‌ هه‌وڵی به‌ ده‌ستهێنانی نمره‌ی به‌رز بوو له‌ وانه‌كان زیاتر له‌ فێربوون. له‌ پاش فێربوونی بیركردنه‌وه‌ به‌ شێوازی جیا جیا له‌ زانكۆی ئه‌مریكی، دركمان به‌وه‌ كرد كه‌ ده‌توانین هانده‌ر بین بۆ ئه‌وه‌ی هه‌موو كه‌س بتوانێت به‌ هه‌مان ئاست بیربكاته‌وه‌ و هه‌مان ئاستی خوێندن به‌ ده‌ست بهێنێنت.   ئەدیابین ئەکادیمی، خزمەتگوزاییەکی بێبەرامبەرە کە دەیەوێت خوێندکاری کوردستان هەمان ئاستی خوێندنی جیهانی به‌ده‌ست بهێنێت. لە جیاتی بیرکردنەوە لەدەرخکردنی وانەکان ، ئیمە دەمانەوێت فێرخواز چێژ لە وانەکان ببینێت، لە وانەکانی تێبگات،و نمرەی بەرز بەدەست بهێنێت. لە هەمان کاتدا ڕەخنەگر بێت. ئێمە دەمانەوێت خوێنکاری کوردی سەرچاوەیەکیان هەبێت  کە لە هەر کاتێکدا بێت بتوانن فێربن و چێژ لە وانەکانیان ببینن. ئەمەش مەحاڵ نیە گەر تەماشای وانەکانمان بکەن. ئەدیابین ئەکادیمی لەم کاتەدا کاری تەنها لە بابەتی بیرکاری کردوە، بەڵام لە پلانماندایە هەموو بابەتەکان بکەین بە وانە، لە پۆلی یەکەوە هەتا بۆلی دوانزدە. دەمانەوێت خزمەتگوزاریەک پێشکەش کەین کە بێ لایەنە، سەربەخۆیە و قازانج نەویستە. کێشە نیە لە هەر شوێنێک دەژیت، کور یان کچ، منداڵ یان گەورە، ئەدیابین ئەکادیمی بەردەست دەبێت بۆ تۆ تا فێربیت.   Website: Facebook:  
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