AUIS Student Wins AINAC 2016 Corporate Challenge in Jordan

The Arab Innovation Network (AINAC) corporate conference brings together youth from all over the Middle East every year to work together towards innovative and industry-based solutions. In December 2016, AUIS business major Maryam Nabeel attended the AINAC 2016 conference in Amman, Jordan, where she was selected to participate in the AIN Corporate Challenge. With her two Palestinian teammates, Maryam worked on a challenge to design a delivery packaging system for Aramex Logistics. The team were given two days to design and present their solution at AINAC 2016. Maryam's team won the corporate challenge, and were awarded a fully funded corporate internship with Aramex in the country of their choice. The AINAC 2016 conference also featured talks by influencers and sector leaders, business networking opportunities, and workshops for participants, "I got to know a few very well known people in the Middle East, which is always a plus to building up your network," said Maryam, who is now starting up an AINAC Society at AUIS. "A lot of our engineering students would really enjoy the experience," she said, and hopes that the new society will help establish links with AIN and ecounrage more participation from AUIS students at the annual conference.  We wish Maryam all the best with her new internship at Aramex!  Read more about Maryam's experience at AINAC Corporate Challenge in her blog.

Winning the AINAC conference in Amman, Jordan

The AINAC 2016 conference is an event set by the Arabic Innovation Network to gather students from the Middle East and bring them together to present their ideas and compete in challenges. This year, and for the second time, the conference took place in Jordan. It is usually held in different places. I applied and got accepted as a challenger. I was put into a team of two other girls from Palestine and we were given a company that wants a unique solution for a certain obstacle that it’s facing.  Our company in the challenge was Aramex, Aramex is an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Jordanian Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson founded the company in 1982. Aramex was facing a problem in designing a package that fits medical and pharmaceutical shipment purposes. They sent us their requirements, like how they wanted the package to be, and it was up to us to design it. We were given a time frame of two days to write a fully detailed report about the design and the materials used, we were also required to give a PowerPoint presentation to the board of Aramex. So we presented our design idea, which we made to be very simple, eco friendly, and costumer friendly. We were lucky enough that they liked it and decided to adopt it.  Our reward is a fully paid and covered internship of three to six months in Amman at Aramex in a time frame of our choice. Amman was lovely, they made things so easy for us to that we didn’t face any difficulties adjusting, and I loved the atmosphere. I got to know few of the very known people in the Middle East, which is always a plus to building up your network. I am now working with them to start a “society” of the conference in AUIS that allows students from AUIS to take part. I decided this was a good idea, as a lot of our engineering students would really enjoy the experience. 
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