AUIS welcomes group of high schoolers for first campus visit of 2018

  AUIS hosted students from Barkhodan High School on January 25, 2018, marking the first campus visit of the Spring semester. The high schoolers learned about the University’s programs and offerings as well as future scholarship opportunities before taking a campus tour led by current AUIS students.  Grade 11 student Diana said she was struck by the University campus, saying, “The campus is clean and beautiful and I especially liked the garden.” Fellow schoolmate Kasar said he is interested in AUIS’ Engineering program and that he was also impressed by the University. “The University is so beautiful, and there are so many trees on campus!” If you would like more information on AUIS’ programs or to schedule a campus visit, contact our Admissions department: or call us at +964 770 461 5555 

AUIS helped me succeed at my career: Hemin Lehony

  "AUIS played the biggest role in helping me succeed in my caeer," says AUIS alumnus Hemin Lehony, who majored in International Studies and is currently the Chief Digital Officer at Rudaw Media Network.  Suscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our latest videos.  Read more alumni stories here.  What is the AUIS advantage? Find out here.  The application is now open for Fall 2017 undergraduate program. Click to apply now. 

The AUIS undergraduate application for 2016/17 is now open!

Meet Mohammed Nabeel '15, business studies graduate; now works at Facebook in Dublin, Ireland.  I chose AUIS because it has one of the best academic systems in the region, a very diverse culture, and a fun place to live that exprience. AUIS helped me to develop skills to compete on a global level and be part of one of the best tech companies in the world.    Nabeel chose #AUIS, where do you want to study?        Meet Jwan Kittani, Business Studies '13 AUIS helped Kittani gain necessary skills to work as training supervisor at Lafarge, the largest cement company in Iraqi region, Kittani will soon begin her MBA studies at a University in France.    Jwan chose AUIS, where do you want to study? Find out more about our B.S. Business Administration program.        Meet Hanar Maroof, International Studies '14, now works at Heartland Allinace.  I joined AUIS to recieve the best standards of international Education in Iraq, I was the first Kurdish woman to join Humans Right Watch Hanar chose AUIS, where do you want to study?      Meet Miwan Nahro, International Studies '14. Nahro believes AUIS brought out best qualities in her -- throughout her time at the University, she performed art and wrote poems. Nahro is now pursuing her Master's degree at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Miwan chose ‪#‎AUIS‬, where do you want to study?     Meet Karwan Babakr Hussein, International Studies '13. Hussein credits his success to the diverse experiences and resources that AUIS offers to its students. Through participating in extracurricular activities which the University provides, he gained necessary skills to prepare for his career. Hussein currently works for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).    Karwan chose ‪#AUIS, where do you want to study?         Meet Alka and Azheen, both graduates of Class of 2016. Alka studied English literature while Azheen studied International Studies. Both feel that AUIS exposed them to extracurricular activities that helped them to get accepted into two of the top universities in the United States, Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Alka and Azheen chose #AUIS, where do you want to study? For more information on Admissions process, please visit Admissions webpage.  

AUIS Hosts Teacher Training Workshops

  The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) hosted a professional development workshop for 250 high school teachers from Sulaimani on April 27- 28, 2016. The 2-days training workshop was organized by the Admissions Office in collaboration with faculty members to strengthen links between AUIS and local teachers, and is a continuation of AUIS outreach efforts for professional development and community building. The workshop was offered free of cost to all the participants. The training sessions focused on different areas for skill development, including time management; active listening; utilizing new technology in teaching methods, and teaching English and assessment. The participants were awarded certificates of completion at the closing ceremony. View photo gallery of the workshops on our Facebook page.  Participants of the workshops can view or download the certificate ceremony photos from our Flickr gallery.  بە مەبەستی دروستکردنی پردێکی پەیوەندی  بەهێز لە نێوان زانکۆی ئەمریکی عێراق، سلێمانی و مامۆستایانی ئامادەیی خۆشەویست و وەک پێزانینێک بۆ ئەرک و ماندوبوونی مامۆستایان، بەشی وەرگرتن لە زانکۆی ئەمریکی، بە هاوکاری ژمارەیەک لە وانەبێژانی زانکۆ، خولێکی ٢ رۆژەی بۆ ٢٥٠ مامۆستای ئامادەیی، لە بەرواری ٢٧ و ٢٨ی نیسانی ٢٠١٦، کردەوە. خولەکە تایبەت بوو بە چەند بابەتێکی پەیوەندیدار بە بواری پەروەردە لەوانە؛ بەڕێوەبردنی کات، گوێگرتنی کاریگەرانە، بەکارهێنانی تەکنەلۆژیا لە وانەوتنەوەدا و ووتنەوەی وانەی ئینگلیزی. لە کۆتایی خولەکەدا بروانامەی بەشداریکردن درایە مامۆستایانی بەشداربوو. بە مەبەستی ئاگاداربوون لە چالاکییەکانی ئایندەی زانکۆ و بۆ بەدەستهێنانی دەرفەتی بەشداریکردن، دەتوانن بەردەوام سەردانی وێبسایت و فەیسبووکی زانکۆی ئەمریکی بکەن. بۆ بینین و دابەزاندنی وێنەکانی مەراسیمی وەگرتنی بڕوانامەکەن، تکایە کلیک لەسەر ئەم وێنەیەی خوارەوە بکە. Participants of the workshops can view the presentations given during the two days below:  Time Management Skills - Rachel Gresk, Director Academic Preparatory Program The Use of Technology for Teaching - Dr. Ramalingam Periasamy, Assistant Professor  Stress and Communication: Active Listening - Geoffrey Gresk, Dean of Students 

AUIS Enrolls Highest Number of Students in Fall 2014-15

  As of December 22nd, AUIS had enrolled 422 new students, growing its undergraduate and preparatory student body by over 20 percent compared to December 2013-2014. The fall intake included two enrollment rounds: 208 new students enrolled for the Early Admissions Round, declaring AUIS as their clear first choice and beginning classes in November; 214 new students enrolled for the Regular Admissions Round, after considering their public university admissions results. A final Spring Admissions Round remains open for late applications. Paul Craft, director of enrollment at AUIS, considers this “a very positive outcome especially when considering the challenges and uncertainties that Kurdistan and Iraq faced in 2014.” Talking about the higher number of applicants, he said, “There are several key factors for this fall’s large intake: foremost, AUIS’s increasingly positive academic reputation within the Iraqi and Kurdish community; secondly, the flexibility and convenience of the admissions process; our competitive tuition prices; and our record of great student outcomes.” "AUIS education is the best investment students and their families can possibly make today for their future tomorrow,” says Dr. Esther Mulnix, interim president at AUIS. AUIS remains a top international English-language university in Iraq, offering an American style liberal-arts education, which builds a strong critical thinking foundation before students embark on a specialization. Craft added that this high quality of academics makes it a popular choice for students in the region. “AUIS as a university continues to focus on improving the quality of academics and university services. Current students and alumni appreciate AUIS’s commitment to quality and so, in my experience, this translates to relatively good word-of-mouth in the community,” he said. Deputy Director of Admissions, Rebeen Azad Jalal, notes that AUIS operates differently than most universities in Iraq, so the Admission Office and university community must effectively explain itself to parents and prospective students. “Our team spoke to thousands of applicants and family members this year from all across Iraq and most view AUIS very positively and are excited by AUIS’s different style and mission.  Many parents recognize that AUIS will give their child a better future.” Lania Ali, one of the recently enrolled students, is currently taking the Access program offered at AUIS to improve her English language skills before starting a full term in the Academic Preparatory Program (APP). “For me, it's the best university in Iraq. I'm super excited and happy to start. Access is helping me practice reading, listening and speaking English.” She was also part of the one-week Future Leaders Program (FLP) designed to provide in-class experience for potential students before they begin their programs. “At first, I joined FLP just for fun, but it really helped me to talk to people I don't know and speak more English.” Another positive factor is AUIS’s competitive tuition pricing. “AUIS wants the best students in Iraq, regardless of income and background; therefore, we do our best to set a tuition rate that is affordable for Iraqi families. The better a student performs on the Baccalaureate exam, the less they pay in tuition.” added Craft.  AUIS continues to receive a pool of bright and talented students. The average score for the 422 new students at AUIS is 81 percent - about 15 percent higher than the typical Baccalaureate exam test-taker. AUIS had offered an almost full scholarship to top applicants this year too. About 80 percent of enrolled undergraduates at AUIS receive some form of institutional or outside aid. AUIS had introduced a new online application system, as well as more flexible TOEFL standards, for applicants this year. This may have contributed to the higher number of applications and enrollment since prospective students could apply conveniently from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. “This puts us in line with most institutions worldwide, but is unique within Iraq.” said Craft. “Finally, and importantly, University alumni have been very successful on the job market and in graduate school.” continued Craft. “ Students that enroll at AUIS and graduate will have access to a wide variety of good job opportunities, as well as graduate schools. Currently, for instance, we have students studying in graduate programs in Iraq, the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden and many other countries.” AUIS graduates are in high demand and employed at some of the most prestigious international and local companies in Iraq, according to a recent alumni survey. A majority of graduates are satisfied with their career path and feel that AUIS prepared them well for their careers. The survey also showed that AUIS graduates earn a higher average salary than their counterparts. Sara Aso, a new student, believes an AUIS degree can help her get into graduate schools anywhere in the world, “AUIS is the most important place for learning in Kurdistan. When we graduate from AUIS, we can study anywhere. I feel really excited about starting at AUIS.”

AUIS Introduces New Online Application System

Students interested in applying to the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) can now submit applications through the new Online System introduced earlier this year. To support the online application process, the University has also partnered with the America-Mideast Educational and Training Service (AMIDEAST) to provide test dates for TOELF ITP in Erbil, Baghdad and Basrah. Students from across Iraq and the world can begin their application process online at any time. “Our aim is to provide a clear, convenient and online application process for students. We are looking to continually improve the services that we provide to prospective students. Launching this online application system will make applying to AUIS much easier, particularly for students from outside of Sulaimani. The Kurdistan Region in particular has been good about integrating IT platforms into the application process, for instance, the zankoline system, which determines public university placement results. AUIS is happy to join the ranks of online-based admission systems.” said Paul Craft, director of enrollment. The new online application system features just two steps: first, a log-in request to the AUIS website; AUIS will follow up within a few business days with log-in credentials and a full PDF guide to applying. Second, the students the log in to AUIS’s online application platform and submit their personal and academic information directly into the university’s records. “We always encourage applicants and families to visit AUIS – to see our admissions presentations and to tour our facilities. Visiting the campus is an exiting and more fulfilling experience for both parents and prospective students. That said, we realize it is not always possible or convenient to visit, therefore an online application system can ease the process for prospective students who cannot successfully visit us.” noted Rebeen Azad, deputy director of admissions. In addition to offering an online application system, AUIS has partnered with AMIDEAST, an American education and testing NGO, to provide more convenient testing schedules across Iraq; in Erbil, Baghdad and Basrah. Previously, AUIS only accepted tests taken on the university’s campus. All applicants are required to complete the TOEFL ITP to apply to AUIS. Scores for the TOEFL ITP, a paper based exam, will only be accepted from AUIS Testing Center or AMIDEAST. The change in application processes comes after a successful year in admission for AUIS. In 2013-2014, AUIS received over 800 applications and enrolled over 350 new students. The average Baccalaureate of new students was about an 85 percent, thanks in large part to the 2013 KRG Academic Excellence Scholarship. In 2014, AUIS hopes to receive even more applications and maintain its high academic standards. Apply online now!

AUIS Announces Specialized MBA Program

Sulaimani, Iraq – November 25, 2013 – The Professional Development Institute (PDI) at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) is proud to announce exciting new changes to its Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. The new MBA program at AUIS allows students to customize their degree by offering three areas of specialization: Leadership, Project Management, and Finance. The program is designed for established professionals and recent graduates looking to enhance their business skill sets and strengthen their career opportunities. Other highlights of the improved MBA program include: Innovative 16 course curriculum Choice of 9 elective courses “Fast Track” MBA – complete your studies in as little as 18 months Meets American and KRG accrediting standards MBA students at AUIS build a strong foundation in key business disciplines as well as expertise in areas critical to their career paths. They learn to build productive organizations through stimulating classroom discussions, research projects, and case studies that cover a broad range of business issues.  All courses in the program are taught by faculty with international teaching experience, commitment to excellence in their professions, and real-world business experience. Graduates of the MBA program at AUIS are represented in leadership positions across a broad spectrum of industry and government sectors. Students in the MBA program are currently employed in well respected companies such as: Asia Cell, Lafarge, Qaiwan Group, Western Zagros, Fanoos Telecom, Faruk Group, Leo Burnett, and Sandoz, as well as various government ministries. These placements will persist in the new AUIS MBA program, as graduates continue to contribute to the social and economic transformation of the region. Additionally, PDI now offers a professional certificate program in three fields: Leadership, Project Management, and Finance. Each specialization is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to prepare students for internationally recognized certification exams provided by organizations such as the Institute of Certified Professional Managers, the Project Management Institute, and the Global Academy of Finance and Management. This program is the first of its kind in the region and provides professionals with a valuable opportunity to broaden their expertise in a specific business discipline and expand their career prospects. AUIS is now accepting applications for its MBA and certificate programs. The complete curriculum, anticipated course schedule, and application requirements for the MBA Program are available on the MBA webpage. For more information about the AUIS MBA program or certificate program, please e-mail or visit the Admissions office at AUIS.


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