Khalid Sulaiman

Environmental Journalist

Khalid Sulaiman is an environmental Journalist from Iraqi Kurdistan, author of: Water Guards…Drought and Climate Change in Iraq. With more than 15 years of professional work with national and regional media outlets about water and environmental related issues in Iraq and the Middle East, he specializes in environmental journalism. With the aim of strengthening the role of journalists and media platforms in facing the effects of climate change, he conducts regular, media training projects about security and social related issues to the climate change impacts. Khaled Sulaiman has published various investigative articles and books, In Arabic and Kurdish, about the global warming hazards in the MENA region. He writes continually for DARAJ media platform, certain of his articles on Iraq and the MENA region were published on regional and international media outlets such as The National News, Der Spiegel and Courrier International.
Twitter: @ksulaiman