Sponsorship | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani


Sponsors cover the tuition of students, helping to ensure that AUIS is affordable and accessible to students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

In order to ensure a fair and transparent process, AUIS requires sponsors and sponsored students to follow certain policies and procedures which have been outlined below:


Obtaining a Sponsorship

  1. Granting a sponsorship is at the discretion of the sponsor
  2. Liaison confirms the sponsorship with the sponsor

Confirming a Sponsorship

  1. Sponsorships must first be confirmed by the sponsor in a formal email or letter
  2. Sponsorships can be confirmed through the Sponsorship Record Form, either for a single term, for multiple terms or until graduation
  3. Students sponsored for two or more terms should complete a General Sponsorship Agreement
  4. All new or renewed sponsorships must be submitted by the sponsorship deadline - the second Thursday of each term 



  1. Sponsorships may not be cancelled retroactively
  2. Sponsorships confirmed after the deadline will take effect the following term
  3. Sponsorships confirmed for a term then cancelled during the term will not result in an invoice for that same term; cancellation will always take effect the following term

Academic Standards 

Academic Preparatory Program (APP)

  • First failure of an APP level results in suspension of sponsorship and payment, invoice issued for failure
  • Second failure of APP will result in termination of sponsorship

Undergraduate Program (UG)

  • First term on academic probation results in suspension of sponsorship and invoice issued for low-performing term
  • Second term on academic probation will result in termination of sponsorship

Sponsorship Appreciation

AUIS deeply appreciates the financial support of student sponsors.

In order to be approved for graduation, a student must write a personalized thank you note to his or her sponsor to express gratitude.