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Social Media

The Communications Office believes that social media and networking is a valuable marketing and communications tool to help the University engage with its different audiences.


Only authorized representatives of AUIS can create an account for the University. If you would like to establish a social media presence for your division, department, program or unit, please follow the steps below:

Social Media Strategic Planning 


Social media efforts should be part of a larger communications strategy. What do you want to accomplish by having a social media presence? Clearly defining your expectations and goals for social media from the very beginning is crucial. Share your strategy. The Communications Office is charged with defining and communicating the University’s profile. To fulfill this mission it needs to be properly informed of communications that occur in the University’s name. Therefore, please register any AUIS‐affiliated social media channels with the Communications Office. 


Who are you trying to reach? It is critical that you define your target audience so that you can properly select the social medial channel and content most appropriate for your audience.


Have you identified who will be primarily responsible for managing social media? One person should be the designated ‘owner’ of the channels. However, the ‘owner’ must have support from other personnel who can be responsible in case the designated owner is on leave or otherwise not available.


What type of content do you want to share and how will it be generated? This is where understanding your audience can help inform your decisions. It is not recommended to primarily post news updates, event information or promotional content. It is important to create appropriate content on a regular basis to create a truly social environment.  Also plan to engage your audience in authentic conversations in this online space. Social media is about two-way interactions and conversations.

Measuring Success

How will you evaluate the success of your social media efforts? If your goal is to drive traffic to your website or increase attendance at an event, then you need to clearly define that going in so you show the value of the time and other resources spent on social media.

Social Media Standards

We recommend adherence to the AUIS Social Media Standards when using social media outlets for your division or department. 

Social Media Hashtags

We encourage you to use the official AUIS Hashtags on appropriate social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The use of Hashtags allows you to find and follow specific discussion topics and themes.

Photography for Social Media

The Communications Office has a digital stock photo library on Flickr which encompasses various aspects of campus life. These images are available to faculty members, staff, students, friends of the University and the media. Watermarks placed on these photos may not be tampered with. University units may take their own photos as needed; however, the Communications Office must vet these images before they are used in any publications intended for an external audience.

Please contact Communications team member, Mehr Zahra or Hana Saida with any queries about social media at and