Shadi Vafaeyan, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering

Ph.D. University of Ottawa
M.Sc. University of Ottawa
B.Sc. H. Carleton University

Office: B-F2-18

Shadi obtained all of her post secondary degrees in Ottawa, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Science, Honours, in Chemistry from Carleton University, and Master of Applied Science and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Ottawa. She has over seven years of experience in teaching core Chemical Engineering and Chemistry courses, as well as eight years of research in the fields of Inorganic Chemistry (Metal-Ligand complexes), and in Chemical Engineering (clean and renewable energy) emphasizing on new materials for Fuel Cells as energy conversion, storage and utilization devices. She has particular specialization in kinetics and catalysis processes occurring in low temperature PEM Fuel Cells. Shadi has four published papers in peer-reviewed journals and one paper currently in progress. Her areas of specialization include kinetics and catalysis processes occuring in low temperature in PEM Fuel Cells.


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