Receive your online login information and admissions adviser

After you have made contact with AUIS, the Admissions Office will provide you with your Admission number and the required link begin the online application process and an Admissions Adviser, a point of contact to help with the admissions process, will be assigned to you.

Username and Password

If you visit the AUIS campus, you will receive a sticker that lists your unique,Admission number. This is very important and should be kept in a very safe location.

If you begin the admissions process through the AUIS website, you will receive an email with your Admission number. This is very important and should be kept in a very safe location.

The sticker or email will list your:

  • Admissions Number – Your unique personal tracking code so that we can better keep track of your case
  • The link of online application form
  • Admissions Adviser: Point of contact for admissions process

Admissions Adviser

Your Admissions Adviser is a member of the AUIS Admissions Office that will help you to accurately complete the online application form and submit personal documents. Your Admissions Adviser might help you in the following parts of your application:

  • Clarify the unclear admissions steps that you need to take to complete the online application form.
  • Find you solutions if you can’t provide all the documentations we ask you to provide us.
  • Some applicants might advised by their Admissions Advisers to take different kind of English placement tests.
  • Respond to general questions by email

Admissions Advisers will not:

  • Guide you in filling out the application form
  • Give "inside" advice about how to be admitted


Most correspondence with the Admissions Adviser will be by email.

In some exceptional cases, the Admissions Adviser may call the applicant, but phone calls will NOT be a primary means of contact.

The Admissions Adviser will try to answer in a timely manner but please keep in mind that the Adviser may have many other cases. We appreciate your patience.

Your Admissions Adviser’s primary responsibility is to complete the online application form. During the testing, acceptance and enrollment process you may be contacted by different staff members.