Oleksandr Dobzhanskyi, Associate Professor

Oleksandr Dobzhanskyi, Associate Professor 

Ph.D. Louisiana State University
M.S. Louisiana State University
B.S. Kiev National University 

Office: B-F2-17

Email: oleksandr.dobzhanskyi@auis.edu.krd

Dr. Dobzhanskyi received his Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering from Kiev National University (Ukraine). He holds Master’s and PhD degrees of Electrical Engineering from Louisiana State University (USA).

His academic and research interests include: electric power generation, distribution and protection; electrical machinery; hybrid electric vehicles; wind and ocean wave energy conversion systems. Dr. Dobzhanskyi has worked for different industrial and academic organizations in the USA, South Africa, Peru and Ukraine.

Recent publications:

O. Dobzhanskyi and R. Gouws, “3-D Finite element method analysis of twin-armature permanent magnet motor with two degrees of mechanical freedom,” Springer Electrical Engineering, Aug. 3rd, 2017.

O. Dobzhanskyi, R. Gouws, E. Amiri, “Analysis of PM Transverse Flux Outer Rotor Machines with different configuration,” IEEE Trans. on Industry Applications, 2017.

O. Dobzhanskyi, R. Gouws, E. Amiri, “On the role of magnetic shunts on increasing performance of transverse-flux machines,” IEEE Trans. on Magnetics, Vol: 1, Issue: 99, pp.: 1-9, October 25th, 2016.

O. Dobzhanskyi and R. Gouws, “Performance analysis of a permanent magnet transverse-flux generator with double coil,” IEEE Trans. on Magnetics, Vol. 52, Issue 1, pp: 1-11, Jan. 1 2016.