Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program at AUIS is organized into six academic departments by subject.

These academic departments offer majors which are the student's primary program of study and define the degree that will be earned by each student upon graduation. 

The undergraduate curriculum at AUIS is structured to help students learn to think critically, act ethically, write and speak clearly, study across disciplines, become more curious about new and unfamiliar ideas, and develop a global perspective. This is facilitated by a team of highly dedicated and professional faculty who foster classroom discussion, hands-on learning, community service and independent learning.

AUIS undergraduates have the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines before choosing their major. Each student is required to declare his or her major degree program in the third semester of undergraduate studies in the Academic Program. AUIS students also have the option of pursuing a secondary course of study in addition to their degree program.

Students who choose the English-Journalism Major will acquire dexterity in traditional and emerging media.
The Bachelor of Arts in English-Literature provides students with an opportunity to read and think deeply about a range of literature written in the English language, not just as critics and theoreticians, but also as educators.
The International Studies major offers students humane learning, practically applied.
The Civil Engineering major at AUIS will provide students with a strong analytical basis in engineering science, reinforced with engineering fundamental cours
The Construction Management track includes the following subjects:
The Energy Engineering track includes the following subjects:
The Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology is a technical degree program that prepares students in the core competencies of the IT discipline, including
The AUIS Department of Engineering offers breadth and depth, immersing students in an international-style engineering curriculum taught by distinguished faculty from a
The vision of the AUIS Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program is to become a local and regional model in medical laboratory education and research. The program will be offered from Spring 2018.