Meet the 2018 Numerus Scholarship Recipients

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - 16:15


Three undergraduate students at American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) have been named Numerus Group Scholars after the University announced on August 3, 2018 the opening of a new scholarship for new and existing students from Numerus Group, an Iraqi-owned and Dubai-based investment company founded and run by the Shanshal family.  


Check back for more information on the next round of scholarships, which will open in November 2018.


Meet the three Numerus Scholars awarded this year’s scholarship:


Qabas Khidir Abbas was born in Baghdad and joined AUIS in 2016. Qabas’s academic career was delayed for three years due to attacks by the so-called Islamic State. “I could not go to school appropriately for two years, and I had to wait another year to apply to AUIS,” she said. “But I found in AUIS another chance.” Qabas is now studying Energy Engineering at AUIS and has a passion for nature, math, physics, and astronomy.


“I have learned that the future is not something we can predict, but I also know there is no limit for the future, especially when it comes to my major,” she added. “I believe that opportunities in the energy sector  will never end, so there is always a chance to work in this field whether in Iraq or abroad.”




Savo Kawa Abdulkareem was born in Chamchamal, Sulaimani. She began her academic career at AUIS in fall 2014 as a level one student in the Academic Preparatory Program (APP). She entered the undergraduate program in spring 2016 and is currently majoring in Construction Engineering.


She is an active student, having volunteered at the Moulakis Library and with the AUIS Engineering Club, through which she participated in Girl Day 2018, AUIS STEM 2018 activities, and a four-week mentorship program at the British International School. Outside of AUIS, she has interned at the Lafarge cement company. She enjoys outdoor activities and is an avid hiker.


"I chose to study Construction Engineering because I like the subject, especially material science,” Savo said. “I believe it’s important to develop creative and innovative methods and designs to benefit humanity, our community and our country.”


Savo’s goal is to continue studying, learning, and conducting research in the hopes of completing a masters and doctorate in the future.


Ali Ghazi Mohammed was born in Baghdad to a Kurdish father and Arab mother. He cites his parents a major inspiration for him, especially when it comes to his education. Ali joined AUIS in 2014 and is majoring in Energy Engineering with a minor in Business Administration.


“Being part of the AUIS family is priceless,” he said. “I see it as a life-changing experience and one where doors have opened for me.” Ali admits financing his education has been a challenge, but that he has always kept hope.


“I kept fighting, whatever circumstances and obstacles I faced, and I continued running towards my dreams,” he added. “I feel extremely blessed to receive this life changing scholarship from Numerus Group.”


Ali’s passion for engineering and math motivate him to keep pushing forward. “For me, being an engineer is not only a passion or a goal but in fact, it is a lifestyle.”