Head of EU Liaison office in Erbil gives guest lecture at AUIS

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - 13:30



The head of the European Union’s Liaison Office in Erbil, Ms. Clarisse Pasztory, visited AUIS on July 2, 2018 to give a lecture to students in Dr. Fahrettin Sumer’s EU class about the organization’s structure and functions.


Pasztory’s lecture included information about the mission of EU institutions as well as integration and how member states maintain peace with one another. She described the importance, tasks, and duties of the European Parliament, European Commission, and European Council, among other institutions. Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of institution-building in developing the EU’s integration strategy and ensuring its functionality.


Pasztory went on to cover the role of the EU Liaison Office in the Kurdistan Region and EU policy towards Iraq and Kurdistan, which largely focuses on working to promote peace and stabilization.

Following the lecture, students had the opportunity to ask questions about Iraqi democracy, the likelihood of an EU model in the Middle East, immigration issues, and educational opportunities in the EU for Iraqi students.


Written by Davar Mohammad Abdulla