Future Leaders Program Summer 2018

Thursday, July 5, 2018 - 11:15

July 1, 2018 - The annual Future Leaders Program (FLP) is a free two week program that creates the opportunity for high school students and graduates to participate in several workshops and lectures, and familiarize themselves with the liberal arts-style education that AUIS offers. 

The first batch of students, who arrived on Sunday, July 1, 2018, got into groups and participated in several activities that help build leadership skills, team work, community spirit, critical thinking, and also strengthen their English speaking skills, all of which constitute what great leaders should be like. 
Students were seperated into three classes led by instructors Mr. Nelson Thacker, Ms. Emily Burlinghaus, and Ms. Kristina Boghosian. Students were tasked with presenting projects, discussing them with other group members, giving constructive feedback to one another, and engaging with different people from different schools and backgrounds. These activities further prepare them for what their undergraduate experience and student life at AUIS are all about. 
Concluding the first week of the program, FLP teacher Ms. Emily Burlinghaus said, "All the students were really active and engaged and showed great critical thinking and participation skills in both English and Kurdish."
The students were also enthusiastic about what they learned through the FLP, as one student, Sana Jamal, said. While she had experience with leadership training before, this was the best one so far. "It was great having native English-speaking teachers!" she said.
Another student, Arin Ibrahim said, "This program is a great way for students to improve their public speaking and leadership skills through group work." 
The second week of FLP is open to high school students and graduates. Participation is free, and all students receive certificates for their participation. If you want to attend the next weekly session beginning July 8, 2018, please contact the admissions department at admissions@auis.edu.krd