AUIS Team Selected to Compete in Hult Prize Global Competition

Monday, March 5, 2018 - 11:00

AUIS students Shady Atef, Przha Jabbar, Bilal Yassen, Tanea Aram and Kazi Kamal have been selected to represent AUIS.

This competition aims to solve problems that are currently facing the world. This year's case is to find renewable energy sources to light up the lives of 10 million people around the world. Our group has been selected for the first round, and we are the only team to compete from Iraq this year and the second in the history of the program. The competition is in March and in Malaysia, where our team will be competing with 250 other participants from around the world. 

Story and photos by Student Services Interns Kazi Kamaran and Przha Jabar.