AUIS Student Association Launches Campaign to Support University of Mosul

Sunday, April 15, 2018 - 14:00

The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) today announced the launch of a campaign organized by the University’s Student Association to support the library at the University of Mosul.

The University of Mosul and its library suffered extensive damage in the conflict involving the so-called Islamic State (IS) armed group that took control of Mosul and its surroundings in June 2014. Before then, the library hosted a celebrated and extensive collection of books and manuscripts dating back centuries. Many of those texts were destroyed during the three years that IS controlled the University complex.

Through the “Campaign for the University of Mosul Library,” the AUIS Student Association will solicit donations of new or gently-used academic publications, books, and textbooks in either the English or Arabic language until May 31.

“We hope to inspire students and academics at AUIS and around the country to participate in this effort to support the University of Mosul, and to call attention to the need for greater civic engagement across Iraq and its Kurdistan Region,” said AUIS Student Association President Bilal Barzanji. “With Ramadan approaching, we hope people will join us in celebrating the spirit of giving and help rebuild a great library.”

Barzanji and other members of the AUIS Student Association also issued an invitation for civil society and cultural-focused organizations around the country to join the campaign to collect books and academic publications for the University of Mosul. Donations may be sent to the attention of Ms. Rania Azad, AUIS Librarian,, who will assist the Student Association in organizing and storing the books.  The Student Association will present the books to the acting Librarian at the University of Mosul during the week of June 10.