AUIS Library Receives Book Donation

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 16:45

The AUIS Library is pleased to receive a new collection of books donated by the United States Consulate in Erbil and the Institute of the Study of the Ancient World at the New York University recently.

The ISAW shipment includes nearly 300 items, including a number of titles on the history of the Ancient Near East, as well as materials on Classical, East Asian, and European history and archaeology. This was ISAW's second donation to AUIS. In 2015, ISAW shipped hundreds of books on world history, including standard reference volumes on Asia, the Mediterranean, and of Mesopotamia. "Almost every single volume included in the donation is a classic in its field; the few exceptions provide detailed accounts of important historical topics,” Professor Tobin Hartnell had said, thanking ISAW for their generous donation in 2015. The titles in ISAW's recent donation were selected by members of the AUIS faculty, including Lynn RoseFrederick Monsma, and Tobin Hartnell.

The US Consulate donated 134 books, mostly literature and fiction, and some DVDs to the library. The consulate has previously donated to the library as well as the Center for Gender and Development Studies at AUIS.

We hope this donation will help students and faculty with studies and research for years to come.