AUIS Faculty and Staff Attend AMICAL’s 2019 Conference in Cairo | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

AUIS Faculty and Staff Attend AMICAL’s 2019 Conference in Cairo

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 09:45
AUIS faculty and staff from the English Department, Academic Preparatory Program (APP), and Center for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS) attended the 16th AMICAL Annual Conference, hosted by  the American University in Cairo from March 29-April 1, 2019.
Dr. Ali Chetwynd, English department chair; Jamalieh Haley, English department lecturer, Alex Poppe (APP lecturer) and Shko Shwan (CGDS Project Manager) attended the four-day conference.
AMICAL is a consortium of the libraries at 29 international American-model liberal arts universities, dedicated to coordinating informational and pedagogical resources and practices. This year’s annual conference focused on “Openness in teaching and research: Broadening our horizons for the digital future,” bringing together librarians, technologists, and faculty from the member institutions.
Dr. Chetwynd, Ms. Haley and Mr. Shwan participated in the Community Idea Exchange program. Dr. Chetwynd presented “A visual and numerical data model for tracking student participation in class observations,” explaining a method for tracking the level of critical thinking involved in student participation in classes, and exploring possibilities for scaling this process up into more rigorous research on the connection between participation and learning. Ms. Haley presented collaborative student writing examples from online storytelling games as a model for what could be inter-institutional collaborations between students titled “Collaborative storytelling using video game platforms.” And, Mr. Shwan presented a project that aims to increase faculty awareness of, and interaction with, both the library and the gender studies center at AUIS titled “Facilitating awareness of the library at AUIS: An interdisciplinary interview project.”