AUIS Announces Plan to Offer First U.S. Undergraduate Degree Program in Iraq with University of Arizona | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

AUIS Announces Plan to Offer First U.S. Undergraduate Degree Program in Iraq with University of Arizona

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 16:15


American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) announced today that it plans with the University of Arizona an exciting new partnership to offer the first U.S. university degrees in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Following today’s visit to AUIS by a University of Arizona team, approval of the program will be sought from the AUIS Board of Trustees and University of Arizona administration.


Under the proposed program, students who enroll at AUIS in Fall 2018 could pursue program degrees in Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation, students would receive B.S. in Engineering diplomas from both universities. Degrees in other subjects are also under consideration.  


Students would enroll in AUIS and University of Arizona at the same time, creating a University of Arizona “micro-campus” within the AUIS campus. As proposed, AUIS faculty will teach courses with University of Arizona faculty, applying high teaching and learning standards. Program students will need to pass University of Arizona admission and graduation requirements as well as AUIS admission and graduation requirements. Students who wish to do so may study abroad at the University of Arizona for up to one year, with the remainder of their study at AUIS. AUIS would host the University of Arizona’s only micro-campus in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.


“We are delighted to welcome our guests from the University of Arizona, and look forward to working with them on this innovative program,” said AUIS President Bruce Walker Ferguson. “This dual degree initiative provides the academic excellence and international recognition of a degree from a leading U.S. research university, with the close-to-home convenience and much lower cost of studying in Iraq’s scenic Kurdistan Region. For our students, this education should open greater employment opportunities and offer wider opportunities for international postgraduate study.”


Professor Brent White, the University of Arizona’s Dean of Global Campuses, stated, “The University of Arizona network of micro-campuses across the world has increased access to quality academic programs at partner universities while meeting growing demand for a global education. We are excited to explore this opportunity to work with AUIS for the benefit of students throughout Iraq.” With an annual research budget of more than $600 million, the University of Arizona, established in 1885, is a leading research institution ranked among the top 25 public universities in the U.S.  


For more information about academic programs at AUIS, visit the AUIS Academics page. More information on the University of Arizona microcampus program is available at Students interested in pursuing a degree at AUIS should contact the Admissions department at or +964 (0) 770 461 5555.