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Alex Poppe's latest book receives positive reviews

Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 10:30
Author and Academic Preparatory Program (APP) lecturer Alex Poppe’s latest book, Moxie, has received a round of positive reviews, most notably by the Massachusetts Review on May 1, 2019. Released in 2018 by Tortoise Books, Moxie follows the story of  magazine model Jax whose face is disfigured after a bomb attack.
“In lines like this, Poppe’s writing draws the reader into Jax’s experience of disability and trauma with language that simulates her narrator’s personal disorientation, but it’s this same gruesomely funny language that gives Jax momentum to move forward,” writes Allison Bird Treacy.
Commenting on the appeal of her latest publication, Poppe said, “The book resonates with readers, especially readers caught in the liminal space, trying to find their way.”
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