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Latest Information on Covid-19

AUIS COVID-19 Task Force
Policies and Procedures for On-Campus Activities
Effective Date: September 2, 2021
Visit our Continuity Page for more information about AUIS's emergency policies and procedures in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
This memorandum outlines important considerations and procedures for activities on campus as our AUIS community emerges from the COVID-19 global health crisis. The memorandum is based on requirements issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government (“KRG”) and the Sulaimani Governorate, and on guidelines published by UNESCO, the World Health Organization, the central government of Iraq, the American College Health Association, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Johns Hopkins University, and other major research universities. This memorandum updates and replaces the memorandum dated 3 January 2021 titled “Policies and Procedures for Essential On-Campus Activities.” 
Over the last eighteen months, AUIS has developed new procedures to protect our community against the COVID-19 virus while maintaining the smooth flow of University operations. AUIS is committed to protecting the health of its faculty, staff, and students, and of their families and communities, while continuing to meet its educational goals. With the recent availability of COVID-19 vaccines, the University expects members of its community to take greater individual responsibility for their health and the health of their family members. This balance is reflected in the following policies and procedures that are designed to ensure the safety of employees and students on the AUIS campus.
Current Status: Most On-Campus Activities Resume
The KRG has approved in-person university instruction and the presence on campus of faculty, staff, and students. In accordance with this approval, AUIS will resume most on-campus activities beginning in the Fall 2021 semester. These activities are subject to the health requirements described in this memorandum and may be changed by AUIS without notice based on changes in government health requirements or in the public health situation.
All AUIS employees are required to be vaccinated, or to undertake weekly PCR testing at their expense. Vaccinated students receive preference in dormitory assignments. While vaccination is optional for visitors and other members of the community, vaccination is strongly recommended for all, including family members.
In addition to vaccination, other optional and highly recommended measures to prevent the spread and severity of infectious disease on campus include wearing a facemask, maintaining social distance, washing hands, and using hand sanitizer.
  • Vaccination.
AUIS Faculty and Staff. AUIS Faculty and staff have been requested to obtain their COVID-19 vaccination on or before 1 September 2021. Part-time and temporary employees were included in this request. Employees who were unable to obtain full vaccination by this date should kindly contact our Human Resources department to discuss alternatives, which include weekly PCR testing at the employee's expense.
AUIS Students are strongly advised, but at present not required, to be vaccinated. Vaccinated students will receive preference for various AUIS programs, including
dormitory housing. Students should contact Student Services at [email protected] for AUIS assistance should they have questions about scheduling an appointment for free vaccination. The University will likely require students to be vaccinated as vaccine supplies increase.
  • Who can come, when, and where. The AUIS campus will be open to AUIS employees, students, and visitors. Normal hours of operation resume and will be posted. Temperature testing at the front gate is no longer required. The University may issue special rules for large gatherings such as commencements.
  • Employee check-in and check-out. Employees on campus should continue to follow standard “clock in and out” procedures using their ID cards.
  • Transportation.
    • Taxis, and cars without University parking permits, are not allowed on campus.
    • The Pak City shuttle will operate on a normal schedule to be posted by FMD.
Additional Procedures for Academic Classes
All courses will be taught by faculty in campus classrooms. Classes will be recorded to offer online instruction for students who cannot, or who do not wish to, attend classes in person. Students will only be permitted in classrooms if they are following all required safety procedures.
Any faculty member may require, and enforce, a rule that everyone (including the faculty member) in his or her classroom or office must wear a facemask. Similarly, any staff member may require and enforce a rule that everyone in his or her office must wear a facemask.
Mid-term and final examinations will be conducted only in classrooms. The VPAA Office and course instructors will distribute additional information about the schedule, location and procedures for examinations, for which use of facemasks may be required.
Common Areas and Cafeteria
All common areas, including the cafeteria, are open for use. The gym will remain closed.
Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
All student clubs and other student gatherings may resume normal operations. 
Student Dormitories
Student dormitories resume normal operations. Vaccinated students will receive priority assignment in dormitories.
Should you experience any flu-like symptoms, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately and stay home until test results permit return to campus. AUIS students will be able to view all their classes online. In Sulaimani, kindly call the KRG Ministry of Health COVID-19 hotline at 122 to seek medical assistance for yourself or others.