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Kurdistan Botanical Foundation


The Kurdistan Botanical Foundation (hereafter KBF) is a non-profit organization that was established by a group of botanists and environmentalists in 2013 committed to serving diverse aspects of various botanical fields in Kurdistan Iraq and to bringing botany to the international standards. Among the KBF approved, on–going, or planned projects are: a botanical garden in Sulaimani, Kurdistan National Herbarium ,Flora of Kurdistan; as a part of it we are now working on Azmer-Goizha mountain, and seed bank of Kurdistan. These vast goals of the organization are very much needed. So far, the first two have been approved for funding from different governmental agencies of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Purpose and Goals: KBF strives to protect and preserve the natural habitats of Kurdistan through multidisciplinary studies and actions. The goal is to educate, promote, preserve, support, conserve, sustain, and serve any activity or measure related to the botanical heritage of Kurdistan. In principle, KBF would act as an umbrella to look over and promote many important but challenging projects relating to the national heritage.

  1. KBF's Long term goal is to write the Flora of Kurdistan.
  2. Floristic study of one or more diverse area.
  3. Conserving local endemics of plants in Kurdistan.
  4. Conduct one or more workshop for plant sciences yearly.
  5. Uploading information and images of the wild native plants.


KBF Staff

Saman Abdulraham Ahmad
Mardin Khidir Abdulla
Nariman Ahmad
Amina Hama Mahmoud