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AUIS Vision

  November 21 - 23: The Student Services department at AUIS held a three-day workshop titled AUIS Vision, which focused on the topics of business in the current market, technology and innovation, and how to create your own startup.  The first day of the event, President Bruce Ferguson gave a speech and presented a video of a significant innovation in aircrafts, as students and faculty from AUIS and Komar University of Science and Technology attended. The second part of the event was a panel discussion with students from both universities. The participants debated on the economic crisis that has hit the Kurdistan region; each side presented shortcomings that they believed had contributed and led to the region’s economic failure. The second day of the event was attended by a representative from Asiacell; the deputy CEO of Asiacell and AUIS MBA graduate, Zring Faruk. He had an interactive discussion with the audience on their AsiaHawala project, a non-banking financial service with the aim of diversifying the payment procedure in the country. As part of day two's activities, AUIS alumni gave  presentations on their own business and achieving success when entering the market. On the third day of the event, Five One Labs, a startup incubator based in Erbil, held a workshop for AUIS students, guiding them through the important steps to start a business. This event was organized by the Student Services department, and the university hopes to make it an annual event to help students think about entrepreneurship and innovation in the current market. Article written by communications intern Bana Aso.

Art Week

AUIS is pleased to host the Art Week starting this Sunday, May 7th until Thursday, May 11th. The Art Week will include different activities, art related. We will have Music, Dancing, Poetry, Photography, Paintings, and much more! Schedule: Sunday, May 7th: Music Workshop with Jerry Joseph at 5:00PM Musical Session by Students at 6:00PM outside building B and C (The Quad) Art Exhibition in the Cafeteria  Monday, May 8th:  Poetry Night and Open Mic in Buidling V at 4:30PM Art Exhibition in the Cafeteria  Tuesday, May 9th: Music Workshop with Jerry Joseph at 5:00PM Musical Session by Students 6:00PM outside building B and C (The Quad) Art Exhibition in the Cafeteria  Wednesday, May 10th: Dance performance by The Dance Club at 11:00AM Art Exhibition in the Cafeteria  Thursday, May 11th: Music Workshop with Jerry Joseph at 5:00PM Musical Session by Students 6:00PM outside building B and C (The Quad) Art Exhibition in the Cafeteria  See photos from the Art Week here.

Week of Strength - Spring 2017

  The Student Services Office is hosting the Spring 2017 Week of Strength! There will be the ever popular Arm Wrestling Tournament, Push-up Contest, and a new event: Tug of War.    These events will happen on the steps outside the Cafeteria at 11:30AM every day of the week.   Arm Wrestling on Sunday 9th, Tuesday 11th, Thursday 13th Push-ups on Monday 10th Tug of War on Wednesday 12th   There will be fabulous prizes for the winners!  

Good to Go!

Dean Gresk on why he loves the first week of the new semester!  I love the first week of the semester. We kicked things off with an all-day (very all day) Orientation for new Undergraduate students on Saturday the 4th. The day was long, but we learned about the different majors offered at AUIS (English, Engineering, International Relations, IT, and Business), the policies that guide our work, and, most importantly, we got to know each other. The first day of classes is always exciting and a little bit chaotic. New professors, old professors, students who are trying to find their first class ever, students who are starting their final semester, staff members who are just trying to get their morning coffee: everybody is shoulder to shoulder and ready to go. We had hot chocolate in the cafeteria and Professor Ferguson dropped in on a few classes to welcome some of our future leaders. Monday night was the first Monday Movie Night, and we had about 40 students enjoy “Me Before You”. We do a movie night every month, led by Ms. Mina, an AUIS graduate and current Student Services Staff member. Looking forward to the Spring 2017 semester, we have a lot going on: The Lord of the Ping Table Tennis Tournament, the Week of Strength, the AUIS Career Fair, intramural sports, our very own award show, the First AUIS Art Week, and a little thing called the Sulaimani Forum. I love Spring semester. Where is my coffee? Faculty blog by Geoffrey Gresk, Dean of Students  


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