Jamil Baban, Adjunct Professor

Ph.D. University of Southampton/UK   
M.Phil. University of Southampton/UK   
Office: B-F1-06
Email: jamil.baban@auis.edu.krd

Dr. Jamil Baban received his Doctorate in Medical Biochemistry and Enzymology as well as his Masters of Philosophy in Cell Sciences from the UK’s University of Southampton. He currently teaches Food Science and Technology at AUIS. His overall research interests are in the fields of Medical Biochemistry, Enzymology, Molecular Biology, and Human Genetics. Since 2011, Dr. Baban has been a Senior Lecturer in the University of Sulaimani’s College of Pharmacy. In 2006 he began a four-year Researcher position in the Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Food Science in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biosciences at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He was Chairman of Medical Laboratory Sciences at Komar University of Science and Technology in Sulaimani from 2013-2014 and a Lecturer at Hawler Medical University’s College of Pharmacy from 2009 to 2011. 

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