Sulaimani Forum 2016: Turmoil and Disorder - A New Sykes Picot?

June 2016 will mark the centenary of the Sykes-Picot agreement, leading to the borders that define where we sit today. As Syria enters its sixth year of war, sectarians divisions become entrenched, and Kurdish aspirations for independence are heightened, are the redrawing of boundaries inevitable? The panel will discuss the possibility of breakups and alliances emerging from the current turmoil.

Henri Barkey - AUIS Board of Trustees; Director Middle East Program Woodrow Wilson Center
Abdul Aziz Sagar - Chairman, Gulf Research Center
Robin Wright - Senior Fellow, United States Institute of Peace; Woodrow Wilson Center
Saban Kardas - Director, ORSAM
Hayder Al-Khoei - Fellow Chatham House
Kawa Hassan - Fellow, East West Institute