Seminar Course: Civilian Protection in Conflict Zones
Co-Instructors: Mac Skelton (Ph.D.) and Abdurrahman A. Wahab (Ph.D.)
Fall 2020 - Spring 2022

This semester-long seminar course equips advanced international studies students with an understanding of the challenges of civilian protection in conflict zones, with a focus on Iraq and the broader Middle East. Students write a final research project examining civilian protection dynamics in a specific locality in Iraq. Topics include:

  • Humanitarian approaches to the protection of IDPs
  • Civilian access to healthcare under conflict
  • International Human Rights Law and civilian protection
  • The limits of civilian protection: Long-term health impacts of conflict
  • Community-based forms of protection
  • Security forces and civilians

The course is generously supported by a UKRI grant "Protecting Civilians from Harm" in partnership with GPPi.