IRIS Non-Resident Fellow, Dr. Mark DeWeaver, an emerging-markets fund manager, ISX investor, independent economist and author, is publishing a report titled: “Making Ends Meet: Economic Reforms in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.”  This report is based on fieldwork conducted in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), with the support of IRIS and AUIS student research assistants. It was translated into Arabic by the Bayan Center for Planning and Studies.

This report follows up on a December 2015 paper on the state of the economic recession and its ramifications in the KRI, also by Dr. DeWeaver. One year on, how has the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) attempted to solve the economic crisis? What remains to be done? DeWeaver looks at how the KRG is using the opportunity presented by the economic crisis to address longstanding problems, including public payroll expenditure and payment accountability, energy subsidies, and tax collection. He concludes with observations on the obstacles to reform and the difficulty of achieving a permanent improvement in public sector governance.

The report is available for download in English and Arabic.

Reference: DeWeaver, Mark. “Making Ends Meet: Economic Reform in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.” IRIS Iraq Report. Institute for Regional and International Studies, AUIS. January 16, 2017. URL: