IRIS is currently accepting applications for its fellowship program on a rolling basis. This program aims at providing an opportunity for scholars, analysts, or practitioners to conduct on-the-ground research in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in accordance with IRIS's four areas of focus:

  • Peace and Security
  • Economic Reform and Development
  • Governance and Democracy
  • Social Relations and Civil Society

You can view more information about our areas of focus here.

IRIS provides a unique environment for fieldwork in Iraq and its Kurdistan Region, as well as in neighboring states. It is housed at AUIS and located at the heart of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, offering safety and stability, as well as access to many parts of the country. Furthermore, fellows will benefit from IRIS’s reputation and local network. While we encourage a variety of applications on diverse topics, we encourage those who are working toward Master's or PhD programs and have demonstrated experience in the form of publications and participation in conferences in a relevant field. It is preferred that applicants have prior fieldwork experience in Iraq, the Kurdistan Region, and/or the Middle East. A particularly competitive application will include a willingness to contribute to the work of IRIS and AUIS by offering workshops for students and/or faculty and contributing to an IRIS Iraq Report or active IRIS project, event, or Forum.

A completed IRIS fellowship application includes the following:

  • application form found here
  • CV/resume
  • 3 professional or academic references
  • 2-5 page publication (policy brief, report, journalistic article, or academic paper on a topic related to your proposed project or an IRIS focus area)

Incomplete applications will not be considered. When you are ready to submit, please send all completed application materials to We look forward to your submission.