Guidelines for Students and Tutors

Please ensure that you adhere to the guidelines below when working at the Match Center, whether as a student or tutor.  

Guidelines for Students

  1. Students are responsible for planning and providing adequate time to receive tutoring from the Math Center.
  2. Students should schedule their time well in advance of their assignment's deadline.
  3. Students should arrive on time to the Math Center.
  4. Students should bring all necessary materials (class notes, assignment guidelines, textbooks, drafts, syllabus, calculator, etc.) to the tutoring session.
  5. Students should read and sign the expectation sheet.
  6. Students should complete a Tutoring Session Information Sheet at the end of each session.

Guidelines for Tutors

  1. The Math Center tutors will be knowledgeable of AUIS’s mathematics and Sciences course material.
  2. All tutors should have at least 10 hours training offered by the Math Center.
  3. Tutors work with students and not for students. The tutor will go over examples of similar problems in order to develop your understanding of concepts.
  4. Tutors will not correct your homework, projects or take-home exams. They will provide useful comments and suggestions and serve as guides, not as professors or editors.  It is a violation of AUIS’s Academic Policy to ask Math Center tutors to do your homework for you. Tutors will report such violations.
  5. Prospective tutors should submit an application during Math Center opening hours for consideration.