Firend Alan Rasch, Associate Professor

Firend Alan Rasch, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration 

Ph.D. Walden University
MS. National University
M.A. Algonquin College

Office: B-F2-16

Dr. Rasch holds a Ph.D in applied management and decision science (USA). Dr. Rasch is a global scholar and expert in Southeast Asian region. His experience as investments banker in California, United States, provides an insight into various industries of the Silicon Valley. Worked as Sr. Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company, KPMG, and Anderson Consulting advising U.S. Fortune 500 companies. Lectured in numerous countries including USA, Korea, Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, and  the U.K., in the field international business, entrepreneurship, innovation & technology. 20+ years of experiences in international business, combining both East and West. An active researcher in the fields of global management and international business activities. Author of several books in the areas of corporate strategy, learning & education, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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2019, Basic Economic Principles, the short guide, AMI
2018, Business Model: Simplified with examples, IJBMR
2017, Critical Success factors in PM, CreateSpace
2017, Employability and learning, IJBMR
2016, Asian Case Studies, CreateSpace