Farzad Sanati, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology
B.A. University of Western Sydney 
Office: B-F2-16
Dr Farzad Sanati is the Chair of Institutional Review Board (IRB) as well as his teaching role as Assistant Professor of Information Technology at The American University of Iraq – Sulaimani. Dr Sanati received his Ph.D. in computing science from the University of Technology Sydney for his research work on E-government Integration Methodologies. He was a program committee member of the sixth International Conference on Digital Society (ICDS 2012), Valencia, Spain and the International Conference on E-Commerce and Web Technologies (EC-WEB 08), Milan, Italy. In addition to his academic and research work, Dr Sanati has extensive experience in many major E-Government and ICT projects in Australia. He also advises Chinese Government officials from E-Government and ICT department of Jiangsu Province (the hub of information technology industry in China). 


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Farzad Sanati, (2016). Service Integration Engineering: A Paradigm Shift in Software Engineering, Journal of Software vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 431-439. 
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Book Chapters:
Sanati, F. (2014). Knowledge Society and Quality Higher Education in Kurdistan. In Heshmati, A., Dilani, A., & Baban, S.M.J. (Eds.), Perspectives on Kurdistan's Economy and Society in Transition, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (pp 237-280). Cambridge England: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
International Conferences:

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Web Links:
Sanati, F. 'Strategic road map for Digital Kurdistan', http://www.kurditgroup.org/files/Digital-Kurdistan-V2.pdf
Sanati, F. 'E-Commerce Strategy for Southern Kurdistan Region', http://kurdishcongress.org/data/upimages/subfolders/PDF/computer-farzad-...