Faruk Mustafa Rasool | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Faruk Mustafa Rasool

Faruk Mustafa Rasool is Chairman of the Board of Faruk Holding (FH) which is comprised of 27 companies in 12 separate sectors including, telecommunication & IT, cement, construction, industry, energy, development, medical services and hospitality, among others.

The mission and purpose of Faruk Holding is to lead Iraq to prosperity and create an optimistic business environment that paves the way for a modern and dynamic Iraq.

Faruk Rasool has more than 30 years of experience in trading and investment. He started his first business venture from humble beginnings in 1975 by building a cement block factory in partnership with a friend who provided the necessary financial support. Faruk Rasool’s mission is to expand the economy of the KRG through investments and industrial developments, but also to support improving the environment through sustainable green projects.