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English Requirements


 All applicants (except returnees from abroad whom studied their education in English- students from the 3 schools of Classical School of the Medes, British International School, and The International School of Choueifat) must demonstrate a minimum level of English proficiency before being admitted to the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani.

English Language Placement Exam and Testing Policy

The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) and the Academic Preparatory Program (APP) admits students of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Each student’s level of English proficiency is tested (using the AUIS English placement test*) prior to the start of his or her time on campus. The AUIS admissions policies ensure that all students get the instruction that they need in order to thrive in an American-style education system. The AUIS English placement test (or equivalent English test) is used in order to determine which level (APP Level Foundations, 1, 2, 3, or the undergraduate program) a student is qualified to enter. By using the placement test to determine the English-competency levels of all of our applicants, we have created an objective and fair method of determining the proper placement of each student, either within APP or in the AUIS undergraduate program.

AUIS Prospects (New Students): 

AUIS uses its own English placement test as its primary English placement exam for admission and APP level placement.  English placement exam results for new students are final and determine placement into APP levels.

APP Enrolled Students:  Currently enrolled, Withdrawn or on Leave of Absence: 

Once enrolled, if students want to change their APP level, they are allowed to participate in an official TOEFL iBT or retake the AUIS’s placement test during the scheduled testing dates or an official TOEFL during the scheduled testing date.

  • A higher score on the exam can advance their level in APP.
  • A lower score on the exam will not affect their APP level.


Testing Registration:

AUIS Admissions office offers the AUIS placement test for prospect and enrolled APP students. 

Registration dates will be announced by the office of Admissions. Students who plan to register must pay Admissions office a visit or to email [email protected]

For further information, or for students who plan to register must pay Admissions office at AUIS a visit.

AUIS Levels AUIS Placement Test TOEFL iBT IELTS
Foundations of English 0-49 0-26 0-4
Level 1 50-59 27-42 4.5-5
Level 2 60-69 43-58 5.5
Level 3 70-79 59-70 6
Dual Enrollment 80-90 71 6.1-6.4
Undergraduate (UG) 90-100




Undergraduate Program from APP, students must

  • Score 80.00% and above on AUIS’s placement test 

  • Or to score 72.00% and above on TOEFL iBT.