Engineering Department

Engineering Department Programs

The Engineering Department provides students with a strong analytical basis in engineering science, reinforced with engineering fundamental courses, and connected to a hands-on practical experience. Our Engineering program is mostly focused on problem based learning and real life examples. We value individual and group learning and build our courses to facilitate this cause.

The educational objectives of the Engineering program at AUIS are for graduates to become engineers who have the ability to practice the design, service, and/or operation of engineering systems, and display the potential to take professional leadership positions that require an extensive engineering background.


Core Requirements for Engineering Majors

Because of the extended amount of courses required for the engineering degree, engineering majors have an adjusted set of Core Program requirements. Students take courses in the Core Program throughout their undergraduate career, but the majority of such courses are taken in the first few semesters.

The first goal of the Core Program is to provide a foundation of knowledge and reasoning to help students as they proceed with their major studies, their careers and the rest of their lives. Another goal is to promote broad learning and teaching that crosses the borders between disciplines, so that students with a degree from AUIS possess many of the strengths of the educated mind.

Engineering Department Programs

Civil engineers design and build the country's structure. In this discipline you will be focusing on all the new technologies and practices that are common among Civil engineers. By your 7th semester you will be taking courses that focuses on designing, building, and maintaining structures.
The Construction Engineering is one of its kind in the country. The major is designed to equip students with the right tools to carefully design, plan, and carry out the construction of any project, large scale or small. 
Energy is the foundation of our life and an important topic in KRI agenda. The course is designed to facilitate students to understand the different aspects of energy and come up with efficient and new ideas to increase the production of energy. The course focuses on all types of energy resources, which are explored through individual and group projects.
The Mechanical Engineering Major is designed to produce graduates that not only know about engineering aspect of materials, but also apply the science of physics, mathematics, and material science to design, analyze and manufacture systems.