Elias G. Saleeby, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 

PhD, PhD, MS, MSChE, University of Arkansas, USA
BSChE, University of Surrey, UK

Office: D-F1-07
Email: elias.saleeby@auis.edu.krd

Elias Saleeby holds two doctoral degrees, one is in pure mathematics, and the other one is in chemical engineering. His research interests include the study of partial differential equations and function spaces of complex variables, functional and integral equations, population balance modelling of suspension crystallizers, and time series analysis and predictions. He is also interested in certain mathematical economics problems.

He has about twenty years of teaching experience at a number of universities in the USA and the Middle East. He also worked as a process design engineer for three years with Fluor in the USA.


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Conference Proceedings:

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