Dawan Mohammed Jaza, Adjunct | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Dawan Mohammed Jaza, Adjunct

Ph.D. University of Sulaimani 
LL.M. Conventry University 
B.A. University of Sulaimani 

E-mail: [email protected]
Office: B-G-01

Dr. Dawan Mohammed Jaza earned his Bachelor degree in Law at the University of Sulaimani in 2004-2008. He later studied his Master LLM in Law at Coventry University / School of Law in Coventry, United Kingdom in 2011-2014. He also earned his doctorate (PhD Doctor of Philosophy) at the University of Sulaimani in 2015-2018. He is now an Senior Lecturer at the college of Law/ Sulaimnai University.


The Nature of International Responsibility of States in the Contemporary World Arena.
The Extent of the Commitment of Third States to International Treaties.
The Earn Sovereignty approach and the Remedial Secession theory in the light of Public international law
The changing legal position of recognition and its relationship to the exercise of the right to self-determination