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Barın Kayaoğlu, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences

Ph.D., History, University of Virginia
M.A., History, University of Virginia
M.A., History, Bilkent University
M.A., Political Science, Bilkent University
B.A., Political Science, Bilkent University


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A native of Ankara, Turkey, Barın Kayaoğlu joined AUIS as an assistant professor of world history in 2016. Barın is currently writing his first book, based on his doctoral dissertation, on U.S. relations with Turkey and Iran from World War II to the present and pro- and anti-American sentiments in the two countries.

Aside from his academic work, Barın has worked as a writer, editor, analyst, and business consultant in Washington, D.C., and he continues to write commentaries for global media outlets such as Al-Monitor and The National Interest.



Loving and Hating America: A History of U.S. Diplomacy, Modernization, and the Origins of Pro- and Anti-American Sentiment in Turkey and Iran [manuscript in progress]


“The Limits of Turkish-Iranian Cooperation, 1974-80,” Iranian Studies 47, No. 3 (May 2014): 463-78

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“Not Too Far: The Cyprus Crises of 1963-74 and Lessons for Present-Day Iraq,” Insight Turkey 10, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 2008): 101-16

Book and Article Reviews

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2012-2013       Smith Richardson Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship
                         International Security Studies
                          Yale University

2012-2013       Dwight D. Eisenhower / Clifford Roberts Graduate Fellowship
                         The Eisenhower Institute

2012                  Writing Grant
                          John Anson Kittredge Educational Fund

2010-2011       The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Fellow

2010                 Samuel F. Bemis Dissertation Research Grant
                         Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations

2009                Malone-Gallatin Graduate Research Fellowship
                        Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
                        University of Virginia

2008               Michael J. Hogan Fellowship for Foreign Language Study
                       Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations

2008                Foreign Language Study Fellowship
                        Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
                        University of Virginia

2000               Scholarship for Distinguished Success
                       Bilkent University