Attendance Policy

Daily attendance at all APP classes is strongly encouraged. Nevertheless, circumstances arise which require a student to miss classes. This attendance policy has been created with the following points in mind. 

  1. The absence policy remains in effect for the entirety of the semester.
  2. If a student miss five minutes or less of class, that student will be marked as tardy.  This counts if a student arrives late, or leaves early. Any more than five minutes is an absence. Two tardies equal one absence.
  3. Both blocks are considered a single class with one absence allowed per day (2 possible tardies). The maximum number of absences in double-block classes is 9. If a student is absent from one block, they incur 1 absence, but are strongly encouraged to attend the second block if possible. The maximum number of absences for math classes is 6.
  4. When a student has accumulated 6-8.5 absences, he or she will be sent a warning email by the APP Registrar. Since no further communication will be sent, students are strongly encouraged to keep track of their own attendance record in each class.
  5. When any APP student accumulates 9 absences in an English course or 6 absences in a math course during a semester, that student will fail the course.  He or she will be sent an email notification of course failure by the APP Registrar.
  6. The assigned course grade will be 0. Students who have failed on absences must leave for the remainder of the semester; they will not be permitted to audit classes.