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Euphrates Fund Scholarship

The Euphrates Fund Scholarship (EFS) is a generous grant by Euphrates Advisors LLC that will cover the tuition of one AUIS student each year. Euphrates Advisors is an investment firm that manages the Euphrates Iraq Fund Ltd., which invests in Iraqi companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX). The Fund has invested more than $130 million since it was established in 2010.
"AUIS – by providing a rigorous higher education rooted in a liberal arts tradition to promising Iraqi youth – is playing an essential role in building a more prosperous and humane Iraq. We are proud to support your work with this scholarship," - Geoffrey Batt, managing director and founder of Euphrates Advisors LLC.
Euphrates Advisors has an existing relationship with AUIS, recruiting talented alumni to join its workforce. AUIS alumnus Qusay M. Muhyaldeen joined the firm as a consultant in the Baghdad office before moving on the the Washington, DC office as an analyst.
"AUIS students graduate with deep critical thinking and analytical skills, together with a desire to contribute to the future development of Iraq -- which is why we hire them," - Grant Felgenhauer, Managing Partner of Euphrates Advisors.