Ahmed Tabaqchali, Adjunct Lecturer | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

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Ahmed Tabaqchali, Adjunct Lecturer

Office: B-F1-14
Email: ahmed.tabaqchali [at] auis.edu

Ahmed Tabaqchali, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of AFC Iraq Fund, is an experienced Capital Markets professional with over 25 years experiences in US and MENA markets.  Currently a Fellow at the Institute of Regional and International Studies (IRIS), and advisor to the AUIS Entrepreneurship Initiative (AEI). He is a board member of the Credit Bank of Iraq, and of Capital Investments, the investment banking of Capital Bank in Jordan.

He is a former Executive Director of NBK Capital, the investment banking arm of the National Bank of Kuwait as head of Brokerage. Prior to that a Managing Director and Head of International Institutional Sales at WR Hambrecht + Co. based in London, New York and San Francisco. This followed on from roles as a Managing Director at KeyBanc in London charged with international sales, and before that Director & Head of Capital Markets & Institutional Sales at Jefferies Int’l in London. He started his career at Dean Witter International in London. 

Ahmed has an M. Sc. in Mathematics from Oxford University in the UK, a B.Sc. (Hons, 1st class) in Mathematics from Victoria University in New Zealand and a B.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

His research at IRIS focuses on the development and sustainability of the post-ISIS economies of Iraq and Kurdistan, and on the economic roots for the rise of extremism.



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The debate over Iraqi Kurdistan’s share of the federal budget
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