Ahmed Jasim, Lecturer

Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

M.S. Missouri University of Science and Technology
B.S. Kirkuk College of Technology 

Office: D-G-09 

Ahmed received his bachelor’s degree in Fuel and Energy Engineering from Kirkuk College of Technology in 2010. In September, 2012 he was awarded a full scholarship to study for a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering by The Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq. In May, 2016 he received his Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering with a 4.0 GPA from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO, USA. He also worked as a graduate teaching assistant and a graduate research assistant while studying for his master’s degree. Additionally, he spent some time working in the industry before joining AUIS in August, 2016 as a lecturer of chemistry and physical science labs. His research interests include hydrodynamics of bubble and slurry bubble column reactors for alternative clean fuel production.


Publications and conference presentations:

  1. “Impact of heat exchanging internals configuration on gas holdup and bubble properties in bubble column for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis,” The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering - manuscript number CJCE-16-0184, submitted June, 2016.  

  2. “Impact of configuration of Heat Exchanging Internals on Symmetric Behavior of Bubble Dynamics of a Bubble Column,” AIChE Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah 2015.  

  3. “Impact of internals and their height from the gas distributor on hydrodynamics in a bubble column,” 12th International Conference on Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid Solid Reactor (GLS12), New York 2015.