ACIC 2022

The AUIS Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (AEIC) held its inaugural AUIS Community Innovation Challenge (ACIC 2022) event on April 21, 2022 under the slogan: Your Challenges. Your Solutions. Our Support. 
The project was an initiative to put the AUIS community at the heart of creating an innovative campus. For its pilot run in 2022,  AUIS students were the sole target group for ACIC, both as challengers and as solvers. The initiative used the power of digital platforms to allow students to share their challenges in phase one and submit their solutions in phase two of the program. 
During the program (March and April, 2022), a total of 25 challenges were submitted to the platform which received a total of 405 votes collectively. Based on students' backing of the challenges, the top ten upvoted challenges were selected as calls for solutions in different categories such as reducing plastic waste, physical cleanliness, maintaining food quality, registration information and guidance, and eliminating food waste. 
A total of eleven solutions were submitted to seven challenges. The project ended with a pitching ceremony for the solutions to be evaluated by a panel of three judges composed of AUIS staff and faculty. As part of the ceremony, the top three solutions were awarded monetary as well as symbolic prizes. The top ten upvoted challenges were also given discount vouchers for school stationary and supplies as a recognition for sharing their challenges.
Overall, the AUIS Community Innovation Challenge (ACIC) 2022 received 11 solutions, 25 challenges, 116 comments, 405 votes, and 3056 views to its digital platform.  It is worth mentioning that the ACIC 2022 expenses were covered by the generous funds of Qaiwan Group to support entrepreneurship and innovation activities at AUIS.