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Software Engineering Department

About Software Engineering

The main mission of the Software Engineering program at AUIS is to prepare a generation of students who can develop and solve industrial, governmental, educational, and organizational problems with contemporary programming and designing tools. The AUIS Software Engineering program focuses on engraving engineering principles onto prospective software engineers that can contribute to the public, local and regional sectors in the best possible engineering methods and practices.

Graduates of the Software Engineering degree should be able to demonstrate the following qualities:

1. Show mastery of software engineering knowledge and skills and of the professional standards necessary to begin practice as a software engineer;

2. [Technical Knowledge] Demonstrate an understanding of and apply appropriate theories, models, and techniques that provide a basis for problem identification and analysis, software design, development, implementation, verification, and documentation.

3. [Teamwork] Work both individually and as part of a team to develop and deliver quality software artifacts.

4. [End-User Awareness] Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the importance of negotiation, effective work habits, leadership, and good communication with stakeholders in a typical software development environment.

5. [Design Solutions in Context] Design appropriate solutions in one or more application domains using software engineering approaches that integrate ethical, social, legal, and economic concerns.

6. [Perform Trade-Offs] Reconcile conflicting project objectives, finding acceptable compromises within the limitations of cost, time, knowledge, existing systems, and organizations.3

7. [Continuing Professional Development] Learn new models, techniques, and technologies as they emerge and appreciate the necessity of such continuing professional development.