EU Project: CGDS’ Deputy Director Interviews Dr. Sherri Palmer

 Myths and Facts about People who are Transgender


Dr. Lynn Rose, Deputy Director of the Center for Gender and Development Studies at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani interviewed Dr. Sherri Palmer, thanks to an EU grant that focuses on women and education in Iraq and the MENA region. The topic in July 2019 is about some myths around people who are transgender. 


Dr. Sherri Addis Palmer, Professor Emerita of Psychology, is from Kirksville, Missouri, in the U.S. In addition to working in child development and attachment theory, Dr. Sherri has devoted many years of her personal and professional life to education about people who are transgender. 


Dr. Sherri begins by explaining her own interest in and experience with people who are transgender, and then moves on to  some vocabulary such as “transgendered” and  “transvestite.” She goes on to discuss myths in popular culture, especially about the so-called “sex change.” She then talks about the idea that changing one’s gender is a “fad”; about the possibility of regretting the change; and about parents whose children might be realizing that they are transgender. She closes by recommending further reading, including websites.